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3 Best Real Estate Strategies to Meet Financial Freedom

Financial independence is different for everyone. Some think of it as having a steady cash flow of an amount that you need to survive the year or month and to some, financial independence means having more than one needs so

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6 Things To Do every Once In A While To Boost Conversion

Conversion is not constant. A company might have a good conversion rate now but if they don’t keep up the marketing and bringing traffic to the sites, the conversion will not remain the same. They will decrease. But only advertising

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4 Types Of Renovating That Are Best Left Undone

When it comes to rehabbing investment properties, there are a few things about renovating that are best left undone.   Today, let’s talk about that:  1.   Poor Return on Investment Repairs   There was a study by the National Association of Realtors that came out

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4 Tips On Cutting Losses In Real Estate

A wrong folder deleted in your laptop? Press CTRL + Z and it will be restored. But same can’t be said for your investment that you lost in real estate. That’s why it’s is better to have precautions before making

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4 Reasons You Should Invest In Affordable Housing For The Long Haul

I was asked several times to explain the reasons behind my investments in affordable housing for the long haul. I thought, why should I explain to one person at a time when I can get it done once and for

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Signature & Chip vs. PIN & Chip

Transactions have been rocky at best since the introduction of EMV chips in Credit/Debit cards. Even after almost 3 years, business owners and consumers both are still confused about some of the facts regarding these cards. Some even so confused

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Strategies Developed by Top Firms on the Proper Use of Machine Learning

One of the problems with machine learning is determining a proper use case. Despite this, there are numerous major companies that use machine learning to boost themselves. And given the current recent expected growth of machine learning to become a

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Risky Real Estate and Wholesaling

One of the many reasons for new investors to hesitate investing in the real estate industry is the fact that real estate markets fluctuate. This means the overall real estate investing industry is subjected to a few factors that can

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Lessons from Commercial Real-Estate Financing for an Entrepreneur Looking for Funding

Whether you are trying at an online crowdfunding site or traditional funding sources, you know how hard it is to get funding, especially if you are new. And since startup investors are mostly inundated with the investment options, they can

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