Real Estate Investor

Charles’ real estate schooling started at an early age. His father, Charlie, was a full-time real estate investor, developer and business owner. Charles would regularly accompany his father during his different real estate dealings. Both would go property to property, dealing with contractors, property managers and tenants.  Charles would join Charlie when he purchased and sold properties in addition to meeting with other real estate professionals, attorneys and accountants.

Initially Charles was not fond of the real estate business. He realized the hassles his father dealt with on a daily basis and was not overly eager to join the business. That all changed during the summer of 1997, a month before starting the 8th grade.

Charles’ older brother, Cristopher, was looking at colleges that summer with their family and the search lead them to New Jersey and incidentally to Atlantic City for a night. Charles was immediately captivated by the properties on the boardwalk; first and foremost, the Trump Taj Mahal.

Upon arriving back in Connecticut, Charles began reading each real estate book and listening to every audio program in his father’s library. Additionally, Charles’ mindset changed to that of an apprentice when accompanying his father at work. Over the next few years, he learned how to; find properties, evaluate them, submit offers and ultimately purchase and manage them. The two would also regularly attend real estate meetings and seminars, further developing Charles’ real estate aptitude.

There was no doubt in Charles’ mind that investing in real estate would be a lifelong vocation, however; every real estate investor knows that real estate is a capital intensive business. Charles decided during college to focus his attention on building his online businesses and splitting the profits between reinvesting in his businesses and real estate.

It was not until 2008, that Charles was able to purchase his first investment property. He managed this property along with another investment property a block away, which was owned by his brother. The following year, he purchased his next investment property, a commercial, mixed-use building.

In 2012, Charles moved to Florida and hired a professional third party property management company to operate his Connecticut properties. A few years after relocating to the Sunshine State, Charles began purchasing properties, both single family homes to flip in addition to commercial multifamily properties to hold for the long-term. In 2016, Charles started South Florida based real estate investment company, Harborside Partners Inc.