4 Common Mistakes That People Make When Buying A Property

Buying a property can be exciting, especially when the property holds your eye. You just want to close the deal very quickly and be the owner. This rush to buy the property can cause a lot of mistakes, which you’ll regret later.

Not budgeting properly

This feels like the most obvious part, but it’s true that many buyers forget to prepare a proper budget. This is because they don’t add the subsidiary costs that come with owning a property. For example, if you are buying a house, you need to add the cost of furniture and other appliances. If you are buying a shop, there is decorating or redecorating costs that need to be included. Like this, every property has some additional costs that need to be considered in a budget.

Besides, when you estimate the budget, you get to know how much you are willing to spend on the property without being obsessed with it. Also, the budget may help you determine how much are you willing to or how much can you afford to pay for the mortgage.

Not doing the inspection

When you go to buy a furniture or a gadget, you see it through a microscope to find even the smallest problem or glitch. You simply don’t want to take a broken or damaged thing in your home.

This should be practiced in the real estate industry too. People should not blindly buy a property no matter how close or friendly the seller seems. Blindly buying simply doesn’t work in real estate. It’s not like buying a T-shirt. If you don’t like, you can throw away a T-shirt, as it won’t cost you much. But you can’t do the same with a property.

Don’t expect the seller to tell you about all the problems. Get an inspector with you who has knowledge on basic structure and foundation of buildings. Identify the problems or the potential problems and then move ahead with the deal. So remember, always consider the problems while negotiating.

Trusting the words

You may be the most trustworthy person in the world, but there’s no guarantee the person you are dealing with will be one. That’s why you should never trust their verbal agreements and assurance.

Buying a property is a big step and you should be thorough with the legal works. Don’t start celebrating before you actually have the papers right in your hand. Even though the seller has verbally agreed to hand over the property to you; there are no legal obstacles stopping him from selling his property at a higher price to someone else.

Ignoring the credit scores

Many people don’t realize it but the 3 digits of a credit score have a major role in the whole buying process. However, the credit reports can have errors, which is why it’s important that you retrieve the reports ahead of time. This way, you can fix the errors and send out the correct report.

Besides, looking at the report will also provide you with a better understanding of the interest rate that you can except so that you can make room for the interest cost in the final budget.

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Why Is It So Complicated To Prevent Fraud?

The news of fraud against ecommerce merchants is on the rise for sure. No matter what source of news you rely on, you’ll get these news stories every once in a while. At the point when it’s your card number that has been compromised or even your business taking the hit, you might feel baffled and ask why preventing fraud is so troublesome for authorities.

Many individuals in the fraud-counteractive action business &the most-focused on businesses feel that preventing fraudulent activities is, for the most part, a matter of spotting solitary cheaters’ endeavors to purchase things with fake or stolen cards. Be that as it may, online frauds are a major, sorted out business that takes different forms. Here are a couple of reasons why stopping these fraudulent activities is so hard in this digital world.

Fraud happens everyday

A lot of the latest information on all the online frauds comes from the 2017’s LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud Study, a yearly report on the survey information from more than 2,000 frauds& risk executives with small, mid-sized, and large businesses in retail, banking, e-commerce, and finance. A shocking discovery is that almost 43% of all ecommerce orders amid peak months are usually attempted fraud.

Innovation leads to newer pathways for fraud

Anything making things easier for the customers often creates an open door for fraudsters, as well. Rise of mobile shopping, online shopping, advanced gift vouchers, etc. among many multi-channel retailers have created new pathways for fraudsters to exploit. This doesn’t mean development is necessarily or should be detrimental, yet it means that advancement ought to dependably include fraud-control arranging and practices.

A new way that development has definitely made fraudulent scams easier is the sudden up-rise of the bots that can be used to automate numerous advanced errands, including fraud.

Between 2015 and 2016, botnet frauds rose by 47 percent in the advanced space overall. Moreover,it rose by 87 percent in extravagance merchandise online retail.

Fraud is complex and big

The sheer complexity and scope of fraudsters’ operations could make it troublesome for merchants, banks, and customers to spot frauds, even for the people who always ensures his/her privacy. A recent case that can illustrate the challenges and complexity involved includes the fraud-prevention experts whose driving license No. was supposedly compromised in one of the recent consumer-information breaches.

The thief used that number to create a fake license, including the casualty’s name, yet having the fraudster’s picture. Along with this original-looking document and his victim’s other information, the thief created a cable TV account in his address with the victim’s original name. Shockingly, the thief even paid his cable bill—however simply because he was willing to pull a longer scam than getting free TV.

The fraudster then took a duplicate of the cable bill and the fake ID to the casualty’s bank. There he changed all the contact details including the address.Now, the fraudster has control over the entirety of his victim’s financial balances, except for secret key protected digital access.

Then the thief ordered some paper checks on his victim’s record and after that, he used those checks all over the town. The bank’s fraud screeners then flagged the bizarre spending pattern, however, when they got in touch with the account holder for verification of the check exchanges, they ended up with the thief as he had previously changed all the record of contact data.

Like this, almost all the fraudulent scams are well-organized and planned big. That’s why stopping these frauds is so hard, even in this day and age.

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Factors To Consider While Choosing A Legal Structure For A Business

Depending on the business category, sometimes it’s hard to choose a solid legal structure for the business. Besides the category of the business, there are other things to consider before you make up the legal structure for your new business.


In relevancy to startup and the operational complexity, there’s nothing less complicated than a sole ownership. You just register your name, get going with your business, and report the profits while paying taxes thereon as income. However, it will be troublesome to acquire funding from outside. Partnerships, on the contrary, need a signed agreement that outlines percentages of profits. The firms and LLCs have numerous reportage needs with the federal and state governments.


A partnership conveys minimum individual liability since the law holds that it’s its own entity. This implies creditors and clients can sue the organization, yet they can’t access any individual resources of the officers or investors. An LLC offers a similar security, yet with the tax breaks of a sole proprietorship. Organizations share the liability between the accomplices as characterized by their association agreement.

The Taxes

A proprietor of an LLC will pay taxes, similarly, as a sole proprietor does — all benefits are thought to be close to the income and are taxed likewise toward the finish of the year.

Partners in a partnership likewise guarantee their offer of the benefits as individual income. Your accountant might recommend quarterly or half-yearly propel installments to limit the end impact on your returns.

A business records its own tax returns every year, paying tax on the profits after costs, including payroll. In the event  you pay yourself from the organization, you will pay individual taxes —, for example, Medicare and Social Security— on your private return for what you were paid all-round the year.


On the off chance it’s vital for you to have sole or essential control of the business and all its activities, an LLC or a sole proprietorship may be the best decision for you. You can arrange for such control in the partnership agreement also.

A business has a managerial staff to settle on the significant decision that guides the organization. An individual can control any corporation, particularly at its beginning; however as it develops, so does the need to work it as a board-coordinated entity. Indeed, even as a little enterprise, the principles planned for bigger associations —, for example, keeping top managerial staff or a board of directors who take the real decisions that influence the organization — still apply.

Capital Investment

In case you have to get outside financing sources — like venture capitals, investor, or bank credits to name a few— you might be in an ideal situation of setting up an organization, which has a less demanding time of getting outside-funding than any sole proprietorship. Organizations can sell stocks, anchoring extra financing for development, while the sole proprietors can only get support through their own accounts, utilizing their own credit or going in with partners. An LLC could face these struggles, in spite of the fact that it is its own entity, it isn’t generally essential for the proprietor to utilize his or her own credit or resources.

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Affiliate Marketing Model: The Blueprint for the Success in Gig Economy

Instead of competing for the big slices of a pie, the model for affiliate marketing needs both sides to work to make the size of the whole pie bigger and also allow multiple options for customization.

Virtually any type of arrangement is possible in an affiliate marketing place and in the meantime, you may feel somewhat intimidated. This is exactly why the model is this powerful.

So if you are convinced about getting started with affiliate marketing,then this is the strategic way to start strong with that venture.

Determining Who Should Handle What

With affiliate marketing, you just need to set up a system. You need to decide what needs to be outsourced and what stays inside the house.

The marketing team of yours should focus on the branding, creative and promotional strategies, for instance. They should also work with your partners to test out different strategies before you roll them out.

Besides, bringing the specialists in will give you a broad geographical reach along with the ability to access the fruitful verticals on “Pay Per Play” foundation will only compliment the in-house efforts. But you’ll need to test every opportunity individually.

Setting Up The Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs enable you to pay just for what you really need, and they are on the ascent. As indicated by eMarketer, affiliate marketing represents 7.5 percent of all computerized spending among retailers. Fiverr, Uber and others flourish with such programs. They give the rules and structure and then leave the execution part to their program-administration groups and publishers.

Setting up your affiliate program doesn’t need to be troublesome, it is possible that; it might give gigantic returns. Once you have set up the program, the next step is looking for partners who need to be a part of it. Going to the affiliate-centered occasions, for example, such as Affiliate Summit, would acquaint you with the affiliates and the managers of affiliate programs. These are extraordinary chances to find out about who does what and who may be a great marketing and administration partner for your program.

See All The Relationships In Terms Of the Real-Time Performance

With such a great amount of adaptability in these gig economy structures, it’s essential to routinely investigate whether every one of your organizations keeps on being helpful. Marketing, particularly the niche-marketing that little players do so well, works best when the 2 parties realize what’s in store, convey it straightforwardly and put resources into each other’s prosperity.

For instance, in the present “partnership” structures, organizations frequently have next to 0clues what their partners are doing. Later on, better frameworks & stages will be set up so that the organization can know precisely what each partner is doing to drive execution. This is as of now unfurling with the decoupling of innovation and the affiliate program administration because of SaaS stages.

This is likewise why execution or performance partnerships are so vital. These sorts of partnerships convey to the table specific conduct, and once the conduct is conveyed and followed, installment is set aside in a few minutes. These partnerships are likewise organized with the goal that you recognize what your partner is doing, & how.

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5 Real Estate Investment Advantages for the Savvy Entrepreneurs

I know a lot of entrepreneurs who would like to diversify their business profits. They don’t want their profits lying idle in their savings accounts. If you are one of them who is looking for an alternative place to put your money, pay close attention.

Seeing the title, it is clear I’m talking about real estate. But I’ll be honest;being an investor in real estate is not as glorious as you might think. But here are 5 major advantages that will make you think positively about investing in rental properties.


  1. Cash Flow

One of the main reasons why people think about investing in rental properties is due to the cash flow that comes with it. You know the extra cash leftover even after you have paid all your bills. This cash flow allows you to earn passive income every month. You can use this cash to reinvest in other properties or plan another business in the meantime.

The cash flow from rental properties is real and stable. Also, it is way more predictable than any other business. Entrepreneurs can rely on this cash flow to live on through the harsh times of their career.


  1. Tax Benefits

I don’t know if you are aware of it, but rental properties have benefits of their own.

Say, your friend earned 100 grand through a business and you earned the same from the rental properties you own, who can keep more?

Obviously you. If you didn’t know already, our government rewards the rental property owners. Not only is your cash flow from rentals subjected to self-employment tax, our government offers huge tax benefits like depreciation and comparatively low tax rates on the long-term profits.


  1. Loan Pay Down

When you are buying any rental property using a mortgage, the tenant of yours is actually the person who is paying the mortgage. This increases your net worth every month because your loan pay down on a rental property is basically a savings account, which grows on its own and you don’t need to deposit every month.


  1. Appreciation

While your loan is getting paid, the real estate’s value usually goes high. I also know that recessions happen. The values will go up and down. And people often buy at the wrong time, as I understand it.

But over time, the values will go high, which is why no one comes here for a few months or years. This is a lifetime game. Like me, every real estate investor knows what we are paying for our properties now, and they will get much higher in next 20-30 years.


  1. Against the inflation

Inflation is a process of prices increasing due to the decreasing value of money. Ask your grandfather if he ever thought about paying hundreds for his shoes. He’ll say he didn’t when he was just a boy. But now you are doing it, right? Paying hundreds for a pair of shoes.

People fear the inflation in the real estate industry but guess what, when the value of everything increases, the property’s value increases too. And so does the rents.

So stop worrying about inflation.

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3 Tips for Real Estate Investors to Sell the Property Faster

Many would argue that the real estate industry is the riskiest of all investment sectors, where other will say it’s just a matter of making the right decisions, you don’t actually have any risk if you know what to do and when to do. This part is still in talking.

However, one thing everyone will agree about the real estate industry is  the return is not guaranteed to come immediately, unless you own a couple of properties worth renting. When it comes to selling the property, it’s not actually a solid call. You don’t know when you are going to get the buyer or a great deal. You don’t know even if it will be worth negotiating or not.

Even if you got a deal, you might not like the buyer or at the last moment, your buyer can chicken out. Seeing the picture? The cash flow is not guaranteed if you can get the deal and sell the assets.

So,here are 4 tips for real estate investors like you who are looking for some cash flow in the investment or just want to get rid of their property as soon as possible.


Renovate or Remodel

The term is not new to the real estate investors. However, many fail to see the importance of renovating assets before going forward with a negotiation of any kind.

Say, you are going to buy a villa to live in. When you go to check out the property, you see the front door is not in the best shape. The paint might look a bit dull, the floor may squeak a little when you walk etc. Would you still buy that property?

If a part of you is saying yes then you have some serious thinking to do about the decisions you make in your life. No sane person would buy that property even if the seller is offering a reasonable price.

So don’t think that someone would buy a property that you haven’t renovated in many years.


Stage the Property

Apart from renovating, you need to hire a professional stager to get the magic done in your place.

If you can’t afford the professional help, you can loan some idea. For example, you can get rid of the personal stuff and decorate the place with mirrors that will create an illusion of space and light. Throw away old bed sheets, cushions and get some fresh flowers for the pots.


Be a bit flexible

Trying to sell faster means you are going to get a lot of buyers who will come to see the property themselves. However, this is not the thing to remember.

When you try to sell your house or any property faster, you’ll have to remember you will get the least amount of time to evacuate the place if the deal goes right. So don’t be so tight to fix a schedule with your client about the moving date. Try to be flexible with your client about this. You might just save the deal from being ruined for the both of you.


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Top 4 Software Platforms to Track Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way and perhaps the best way to get passive income, there’s no doubt. The strategy is simple. You make the products appealing to your audience so they are convinced to purchase that service or product and in return, you get a commission from the company for the sales you drive.

But to progress, you need to constantly monitor your growth. However, it can be difficult for some because they need to keep their audience engaged in daily activities. In this situation, tracking your performance becomes difficult. Also, you can’t progress without tracking your records.

That’s why to ease your work and to simplify your records there are some amazing software platforms that affiliate marketers should use.



It is arguably one of the best if not the “the best” affiliate tracking program that top affiliates are using. EverFlow.io has an extensive skill set with a super-interactive user Interface.

Its advanced campaign management& reporting features along with other services start from only $200 per month, which makes it a cost-effective solution.

Prominent Features:

  • Advanced system for notification
  • Live data representation in the form of reports and graphs
  • Fast responding
  • Gracefully handling capabilities for desktop and mobile traffic
  • Top-notch media buying toolset
  • Fully Exposed API all the time
  • Multidimensional analytics and reporting system.
  • Private partitioning of the traffic



LinkTrust is mostly used to track networks, sales conversion, calls, add, leads, etc. Then it optimizes your success of affiliate marketing endeavors with great efficiency. It also has a customizable interface which allows you to track all types of online and offline advertising through Pay-per-call, mobile traffic, CC, CPA, cookies, server posts, and pixels.

Other useful features:

  • Remote Traffic Agent (RTA)
  • Affiliate Management
  • Lead management and distribution
  • Customizable leads validation
  • Campaign management
  • Mobile tracking
  • Real-time reporting
  • Fraud detection



Afftrack is the only enterprise SaaS solution who offers you unlimited clicks. To be honest, it is more than just an affiliate tracking platform. With the smooth and mobile-friendly UI, it is one of the easiest ways to observe your growth.

Other Prominent Features:

  • Free proxy detection service
  • Brand-able interface
  • 100 percent real-time analytics
  • Billing and Invoice tools
  • Suppression files management
  • Unlimited affiliates and advertisers
  • Access to the Granular level
  • Device target
  • File manager
  • Affiliate referral program
  • Geo-targeting
  • Click Sidetracking



HitPath is a platform that lets you attribute the factors of the digital marketing endeavors efficiently. It helps you evaluate measurable, smart client engagement. With its fast and productive affiliate tracking in real-time, HitPath is one of the most UI-friendly affiliate tracking software.

Other Prominent Features:

  • Free training with the platform
  • 24/7 support
  • Affiliate management
  • Good-looking and smooth Interface
  • Cross pub campaign accelerator
  • Accounting module
  • Real-time tracking


These are the top 4 affiliate marketing tracking softwares that can be of great help to you if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer and get a decent passive income every month.

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Lessons from Commercial Real-Estate Financing for an Entrepreneur Looking for Funding

Whether you are trying at an online crowdfunding site or traditional funding sources, you know how hard it is to get funding, especially if you are new. And since startup investors are mostly inundated with the investment options, they can be as picky as they want. That’s why it’s hard for entrepreneurs to showcase their capital raises that convert a potential investor into an actual shareholder.

Raising capital for your real-estate startup is different from early-stage fundraising. Entrepreneurs can pursue their company’s financial needs in multiple tiered phases that are seed, series A, and the bridge rounds over the time of their business life-cycle. But real-estate developers usually need to round up all the debt or the equity capitals for any project before they can even break ground.

The effectiveness of any commercial real-estate model typically lies beyond a pre-packed investment’s convenience. Actually, it lies within the nature of inherent values of any investment opportunity that is communicated to the investors within a package.

These following characteristics are common in, however, not exclusive to CRE financing and why & how an entrepreneur should have incorporated the qualities into his/her fundraising strategies.


Transparency and Disclosure

If the CRE sponsors fail to disclose any project’s inherent risks to their investors, they will most certainly face legal repercussions. Besides, most of the CRE investors have personal preferences for risks. Some of them like low risk and some of them goes for higher stakes. Real-estate offerings files are typically loaded with intel on different risk-factors and feasibility involved in a deal.

Entrepreneurs should start packing all the honest details into the offering files to help the investors to determine how any startup investment fits into the portfolio.


Focus on the Returns

For most investors, the appeal of the CRE lies solely on the consistency and predictability of the cash flow. Sponsors typically craft their offerings to clearly display the projected incomes, returns, and time horizons because they know that earning from CRE investment is the primary investor’s motivator.

For avoiding being entirely pinned down to the investors’ expectation, the entrepreneurs are mostly hesitant for making authenticate return projections in the capital-raise materials. In the end, numbers are the kings.


Defined Plan

Renovating or building a property needs wealth, oversight,and coordination. Sponsors won’t have the slightest chance of getting any permits, investments, loans,and approval without any specific project plan. Sponsors point out project timeline and the detailed, clear and the long-term intentions for a property in their files.

Entrepreneurs scarcely lay down their plans for business with clarity, especially on the earlier stages of fundraising. However, having firm business plans on the paper helps to get some credibility for the capital raising. This eventually helps close investors.


Insider information

Local knowledge is everything in the real estate. If a sponsor keeps it to himself, no investor will take his deal.

Most real-estate professionals incorporate intel on the neighborhood, local development, and property value into the deal material. Especially, when operating in a niche or hard-to-get sectors, the entrepreneurs mustn’t forget to provide the investors with competitors, market trends, etc.,which will help them get up to speed.


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CAP Rates for Buying Real Estate

I’m sure that there are lots of people who are scared of investing in stocks and shares. Also, I couldn’t be the only one who thinks that investment in banks is for nothing.

Are you one of us?


Good. This is for you.

People like us always look for a good, reliable, and profitable sector to invest in. And if you really want to make a fortune out of your investments, there is nothing like real estate.

Intrigued already?

Wait. Real Estate is a tricky sector for investment. If you can successfully make the investment in the right place at the right time, Real Estate can turn your fortune. But if anything goes wrong, you can be a loser in this sector and no one likes to be a loser.

So, what do you need to do to become a gainer in real estate?Know the CAP rates and plan accordingly.

CAP Rates or Capitalization Rates are how investment properties are measured. But it is also true that only one term should not be your way to measure any property. You need to pay heed to all of them.

With that said, let’s get started with CAP and how it is measured.

What is Capitalization Rates?

In order to calculate a property’s Capitalization rate, you need to divide that property’s annual net operating income by the purchase price.

For example, say a property costs $1 Million and each year, it generated $75,000 of NOI or Net Operating Income. Then the property is 7.5% CAP rate.

The difference in CAP rate indicates the difference in risks. Higher CAP means higher risks. But to find out which CAP is worth your investment, judging the risks, you need to consider few factors.

Location: If I say that location is everything, it won’t be an exaggeration. Location really matters because location is what drives the demands.

The well-educated, wealthy, and powerful population will always want to drive a local economy. That’s why CAP rates at places like LA is lower than Kansas. This is the reason for the diversification in CAP within a large metropolitan area. But to be honest, there are no strict rules to follow. Each and every location has its own perceived risk.

Interest Rate:The CAP of a property can fluctuate up to 1% if the Feds adjust the rates. If you are an investor in real estate, you’ll know that any increase in the interest rates leads to the fall in that property’s value. When the interest rate increases, the cost of debt increases accordingly.

As a result, your net cash flow decrease. That’s why you should always be aware of the interest rates and which direction they can head to, even though you can’t control it in any way.

Asset Class:You can buy retail, office, hotel, multifamily or any type of Asset you want. But remember, always try to buy assets with low CAP rate because you can sell it at a higher price.Also,you should consider how you want to leave. Don’t think about the current CAP only, you must plan for the future too.

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Apps & Services to Help You Develop a Killer Business Plan

Developing a business plan is difficult, especially when you don’t have any clue about what to do. That’s why, for people who are willing to start a business and mean for it, yet don’t know what to do, apps developers have created these amazing apps and some online tools that will change your way of thinking about a business plan.

Business Plan Developing Apps

StartPad: StartPad is recognized by Forbes and Entrepreneur for being one of the best business planning apps for iPad. It offers a wide array of business plans, reports, and financial projections. Any business plan created on the StartPad is available to be exported as printouts or high-resolution PDFs. It is free to download and use, but there are in-app purchases that offer additional features.

Business Plan and Start Startup: The last app was for iPad users, but if you are an Android user, that won’t be something you can use. So for the Android users, we are presenting the Business Plan and Startup app. Unlike other business planning apps, this one doesn’t only allow entrepreneurs to create a business plan. In addition to creating a business plan, this one also helps you start your startup professionally by guiding you throughout the process. So download it from Google Play store and start developing a killer business plan.

Business Plan Services

BizPlan.com: Need any funding? You can check out startup.co’s business plan online service, bizplan.com. It is a completely website-based business plan developing tool which comes with a step by step guide to aid you in the developing process of a business plan.

If you are an investor, you can be benefited from it too. Their business plans can be completely tailored according to your business with the logos, layouts, graphics, and custom designs to blend in with your brand’s impression.

After developing your business plan, it’s best that you share and publish it on the startup.co’s crowdfunding website, which is funable.com. Here at fundable.com, you can add different elements with your business plan, like images, videos, etc. This will highlight your business plan and become a great way to connect with the investors who are interested in your plan.

 LivePlan: This is a cloud-based service that allows you to createa business plan from scratch. They also offer document generation to the planning tools, guidance resources, financial calculator, and many more. LivePlan guides you through all the components of business plans and provides you with step by step instructions and guidance. They advise you based on the objective of your business plan (business development, starting a business, funding, etc.).

SBA Business Plan Tools: The (SBA) Business Plan Tools from US Small Business Administration will cover all your business, financial, and execution-related needs like an executive summary, market research, company description, sales and marketing, product lines, detailed financial projections and much more. And if you want, you can customize the business plan with your company’s logo. Once you are done with it, you can print them out or save it for later use, like updating the business plan when needed.

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