About Charles

Charles was born and raised in Avon, Connecticut. At an early age, Charles developed a hunger for business, presumably derived from his family’s long history of entrepreneurship, especially on his father’s side. In addition to his father Charlie and his uncle David, Charles’ grandfather and great grandfather were all business owners.

His desire to start his own business led him to experiment with designing and marketing various internet businesses until he ultimately launched Power Online Solutions, LLC while still in college. Charles graduated Connecticut State University in 2006 and began his real estate investing career shortly afterwards.

Charles’ family actively traveled North America when he was growing up. Every vacation from school would include some sort of family trip, normally by car or plane. Their family journeys formed unforgettable memories that Charles cherished as he grew older. Traveling was an adoration of his parents that quickly became a passion of his own.

In 2002, Charles earned the Boy Scout’s Rank of Eagle Scout. This drive and devotion passed into all aspects of his life. Charles credits his persistence and focus as the two leading facets of his success. He believes that anyone who desires to be successful and has the initiative, will be.