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3 Effective Ways to Unlock Your Home Equity
September 6, 2021

Owning a home is a blessing that gives you a sense of security and safety. Your home can turn into your most valuable asset if you can use it as a financial tool to open new possibilities to pay off expensive charges like a car loan, remodeling your house, or weddings. Home equity is the difference between the latest worth of your home and the mortgage you presently owe. In this article, you can learn the best ways to access your home equity to secure the benefits.

  • Home equity loan: Home equity is also called the second mortgage. The interest rates are usually higher than the first mortgage, so you can set a term like 12 years and pay for interest and principal. Though the loan cannot be drawn out after issue, you can unlock a higher rate of home equity once you are able to pay timely. 
  • Cash-out refinancing: You can refinance your home with a larger amount, and you can even cash out the difference of cash anytime you require. This is an effective tactic to free up the equity you saved from your current home and use it for other expenses like improving lifestyle goals or purchasing other investment properties. However, the closing costs of this system are higher as there is a risk of lesser equity of your home than the original value you had before. So, the banks assume you as a riskier borrower. 
  • Home Equity Line of Credit: It is the most flexible option among these three. In this loan

process, it requires an initial sum of your money to be disbursed. You can then draw out credit. It is similar to the use of a credit card. The lines of credit can be checkbook or debit cards to withdraw the funds. You can make payments using this system, and it offers future amortization. Moreover, it does not charge closing costs, unlike secondary home loans. This system is structured to pay only the interest on a  monthly basis on the amount you have cashed out. However, you need to be mindful of this option as all the money you withdrew will be due at the end of the term. So, you can plan your finance through the two divisions of this system: the draw period and the repayment period. During the draw period, you can draw out money but the limit depends on the line of credit. For the repayment period, you have to repay the total amount of money you have taken out along with interest within a specified period. However, during the repayment period, you cannot draw money against your account. 


You need to strategize your finances by adapting the most effective way to access home equity based on your plan to do with the money. There are several factors to keep in mind, and you need to consider your present financial situation, goals, and credit score. So, once you navigate through your situation, you can choose any one of the three ways that will be the best for you.


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