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3 Ways to Get Your First Real Estate Client
February 22, 2021

The first time for everything is challenging and finding your first real estate client is no different. Your first client is very important because it’ll give you the boost in confidence. Besides, by dealing with your first real estate client, you learn so many things practically, which will help you shape your career in the future.

If you’re in the real estate business for a few months but still haven’t found your first client, don’t worry. It happens to almost every real estate property agent. You just have to keep patience and stick to your basics.

3 Tips to Find Your First Real Estate Client

1. Cold Calling

It is one of the oldest methods of getting your first real estate client. However, the conversion rate in cold calling is very low, and mostly depends on your luck. The key to success in cold calling is to call as many leads as you can. The more you call people, the more your chances of getting your first real estate client will be.

One of the biggest benefits of cold calling is that you can do it from your home or a coffee shop. You won’t have to reach out to everyone physically.

While cold calling, you’ll have to make sure that the potential customer feels confident about you. You must add value by showing your knowledge of real estate. Besides, you can talk about the process of selling the property in brief to your potential customers.

If you want to master cold calling, you can take some courses on sales.

2. Door Knocking

It’s another old way yet highly effective to get your first real estate client. Many of the established real estate agents have got their first real estate client by door knocking.

In door knocking, you’ll have to visit houses and ask whether they require a real estate agent’s help with anything. But don’t mistake it for door-to-door sales. You are not a door-to-door salesman. Visit them as if you are introducing yourself as the new “in-house” Real Estate agent in the area and get acquainted with the residents. Act as you belong & know the neighborhood. But unfortunately, today’s real estate agents aren’t effective in door knocking. Because usually, most of the new real estate agents cannot add value. As a result, property sellers don’t feel confident about the real estate agent and turn them down. 

You’ll have to remember that the biggest value in the real estate market is knowledge. You’ll have to show that you’re a knowledgeable person and you can handle the property.

3. Use Social Media

It’s the age of social media, and everyone is on the internet. You’ll have to create a strong presence on the internet. The best way to do so is by using various social media platforms.

On those platforms, you can easily express yourself and your skills. Besides, you can run advertisements to attract your potential first real estate client.


Yes, it’s difficult and time-consuming to get your first real estate client. But you’ll have to stick to it and show patience. You must continue adding value and build your personal brand and presence. By doing so, you’ll be able to create your own brand and establish yourself as a professional real estate agent.


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