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The Steps to Follow When Closing Your First Home Purchase
January 1, 2021

Closing your first real estate deal can be daunting. However, if you have a set game plan and the right people to help you along the way, it’s much easier. Therefore, we’re here today to walk you through some easy to follow steps which will make your first real estate closing as smooth as it can be. Let’s get started.

Steps towards Closing Your First Home Deal

By following these steps, you’ll be able to close out your first real estate investment smoothly.

Define Your Purchase Goals

You should ask yourself if you’re buying the home as a personal residence, for a house flip, or as an investment into your real estate portfolio. This will help determine the required profitability of your investment. To make mortgage payments, you need to ensure that your properties will generate enough cash flow. Moreover, if you are not purchasing a property for yourself, but intend to rent it out, you can go easy with the customization, amenities, and upgrades.

Start Talking with a Lender

Finding the right lender will take some time, and so you should look around before settling for one. If you find one that understands your investment goals and is willing to take the dive with you on your real estate journey, you should use that compatibility and take a big step towards your first deal.

Finalize Your Investment Budget

Once you’ve managed to find a compatible lender who’s going to help you with your investment, it’s time to finalize how much you’ll spend on your investment. Here, you should hit everything within your investment goals while sticking to a manageable budget. The most important thing here is to ensure that your cash flow does not exceed your mortgage payments; otherwise, you’ll quickly lose money and go bankrupt.

Find a Great Property Manager

Find the perfect person who is willing to work for you and shares your vision when it comes to managing your properties. Additionally, this person must be willing to share his or her knowledge about the rental side of real estate investment. Your goal here is to find the ideal team member who will help you manage your property.

Calculate the Numbers

Use some of the quick evaluation steps to understand properties in the market you’re looking for and start narrowing down on the ones you think will be the most profitable. To make it easier, you can use some metrics to evaluate the profitability of your investment.

Make Offers

Finally, make offers on the property and work towards closing the deal. Be sure to use your negotiation skills and do plenty of homework so that you know what you’re getting into. If things don’t work out with a particular seller, move on to the next one, and don’t get overwhelmed by a rejection.


Following through all the steps would have landed you with a decent property to start your real estate portfolio. It might not be the best deal or the most profitable, but it’s a place to start. Using the returns from this investment you can move on to bigger deals and start growing your portfolio – you might even consider going remote. The key is to not over think, trust your team members to close deals rationally using numbers rather than emotion. If you’ve done your due diligence, you can confidently close out a good deal.


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