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Turning Your Property Rentals into Wealth Generators
November 6, 2020

Making rentals into money-makers is quite simple if you have a solid strategy and the dedication to follow through. Today, we’ll be looking at what it takes to turn your property rentals into wealth generators.

How Wealth is Generated from Rental Properties

There are 4 primary ways of making money through rentals.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is essentially the profit generated by your property at the end of every month. By calculating the income minus running costs, you get the cash flow. Before jumping into the calculations though, you need a detailed understanding of what the expenses are. With time, you’ll get better at predicting the expenses of your rental and thereby invest in better cash flow generating properties.


Property prices are always rising. Therefore, with appreciation guaranteed, it’s important to ensure you get a good cash flow going with your rentals. With good cash flow, you can hold on to a property for a longer period, and ideally, sell for more than your buying price.

Loan Paydown

When buying properties, you’ll usually get a loan from the bank. The best thing about making money from your rentals is that eventually,you’ll end up paying off your loan from rent and be left with a solid investment.

Tax Benefits

As a realtor on credit, you get a lot of tax benefits versus what you would have to pay if you had a job with the same amount of income. Therefore, with a better tax break, you can start accumulating your wealth for bigger investments and keep going from there.

Common Tips When Dealing withProperty Rentals

Properly investing in and managing rentals are challenges in their own right. Here are some tips to help you out.

Dealing with Down Payments

When you start growing your portfolio the number of down payments you must deal with increases dramatically. To keep things balanced, focus your portfolio around house hacking, strategies, partners, and raising private funds. You can even do a house flipping strategy and use that money to invest in new properties. While dealing with payments is important, you need to ensure that you’re getting the right deals. If you strike the right deals, you’ll find ways to finance it.

How Do You Know A Property Investment Is A Good Deal?

Research – stay diligent with your research before investing in a property and you will be able to determine whether a deal is worth closing or not.

Managing a Large Portfolio

If you had to go around managing your portfolio, you’d be in for a nightmare. Therefore, just hire a property manager to look after them and you should be fine for the most part. It’s much easier to manage a team of property managers than it is to deal with a lot of tenants regularly.

What if the Market Drops?

There is always a chance the the property market drops off momentarily, therefore, you should focus on getting properties with good cash flow. Even if your property drops in value, you’re still generating a hefty income. Moreover, you can now take the opportunity to buy other properties at a lower price as well. Finally, with steady cash flow, you will be able to hold on to your property and then sell much later when the market stabilizes again.


That’s about everything you need to know to turn your rental properties into wealth generators. Accumulating a strong portfolio with steady cash flow and solid research before investing are the keys to success when it comes to making good money from your rentals.


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