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Getting Started in Real Estate Investing with Little Capital
November 11, 2020

If you’ve additional money and a good credit history, it might be worth investing the money into real estate and start making a profit. While it may be daunting to start investing in real estate with little capital, it’s certainly possible and is encouraged if you have the right management skills.

How to Invest with Little Capital

With less money to invest, you won’t be able to find deals on large properties. In most cases, you’ll struggle to find even a single-family house. However, with the right investment techniques and management skills, you can work your way up the ladder quickly. Let’s dive into two investment strategies fit for those starting in real estate investing with little capital.

House Hacking

This is where you buy a large home on credit, live in one unit, and rent the rest out. With little capital, you can find yourself a nice duplex. If the market situation allows you to put the down payment on a duplex for as little as $10,000, you can start your house hacking strategy. Using this strategy ensures that you can live for free in your property while paying it off using the income generated through rentals. Once, you’re ready to move out, the property will continue to generate money for you as it’s now a full-on rental property.

House Flipping

Another popular strategy that real estate investors rely on is house flipping. This is the perfect option for those who do not want to deal with rentals through a house hack. Here, if you stick to a plan and hit all your goals, you can get a good return on your initial investment once the flip is over. For instance, if you’re starting with $10,000 and you find a decent house to invest in, you can flip it within a few months, make a return and be ready for your next investment. Through repeated flips and profitable sales, you can quickly start growing your investment portfolio and move on from small houses to larger multi-family properties.

If you’re struggling to pay for a flip, find yourself a flip partner or a trusted moneylender. By the end of your flip, you should have enough left over to pay off your loans and have more leftover to look at your next big investment.

Finally, if you’re not willing to go through with a proper flip, your final option is to treat it as a wholesale. Find property for cheap, then find another customer who’s interested in buying it, and finally sell it to them at a mark up to get some profit back into your pockets.


No matter how you start, making your initial investment count is what will make or break your real estate career. Therefore, it’s important to thoroughly research the market you’re going to be dealing with, the strategy best fit for your investing preferences, and the actual properties you find in your market. With the right strategy and continued effort, you can quickly turn your minimal investment amount of $10,000 into a profitable real estate portfolio.

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