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How to Pick A Neighborhood: 5 Tips For People On A House Hunt
September 4, 2020

Buying a house is often easier than choosing a neighborhood where you want to live in. The right neighborhood is crucial because it not only determines how safe and satisfying your stay will be but also affects the value of your property greatly.

Today, I’ll talk about how to pick the right neighborhood to invest in so that youalways have a win-win situation.

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Neighborhood

1.     Measure the Crime Rates

Living in a safe neighborhood is one of the main concerns of buyers when they are looking for investments, especially for those with children and elderly people in the family. And that’s why investigating and measuring the crime rate of the area is of utmost importance. You can either use online data or word of mouth as your source of information. Talking with the neighbors, local shop owners would be of great help. You can also use CrimeReports or SpotCrime to check the list of crimes committed in the area.

2.     Check the National Sex Offender Website

Another extremely important thing that you must do before making your purchase is to check the national sex offender website and find out if there is any near the area you are going to invest in. It is crucial for you and your family’s safety.

The United States Department of Justice maintains a list of convicted sex offenders all over America and by vising the website and entering your address; you can always look at the area and determine whether it is a safe neighborhood to live in or not.

3.     Proximity to Schools

It doesn’t matter if you have children or not, but a neighborhood with excellent schools nearby plays an important role in the resale value of your house. Schools are usually never located in any unsafe or untidy locality – this ensures that the neighborhood you are choosing is incredibly safe and clean. Also, when you decide to sell the property, buyers, especially with kids, will show interest in buying your home, which will undoubtedly increase the resell value to some extent. 

4.     Access to Amenities

One important thing that people tend to overlook is how close the house is to certain things. But you don’t be that person. Before making your investment, make sure that a few important amenities like hospitals, grocery stores, ball fields, and parks are nearby. All these aspects would not only raise your standard of living but also increase the value of your home whenever you want to resell it in the future.

5.     Drive through the Neighborhood

Even when the neighborhood has everything you need and is also completely safe, it doesn’t guarantee that you would like it or want to live in the area. I would suggest you drive or walk through the area to see if it’s vibe matches yours. If even after offering you every amenity, you don’t like the area, it’s better to not invest in it.


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