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How to Live in a Staged Home
September 18, 2020

A nicely staged home is more likely to sell faster than a house that hasn’t been prepared or staged. And that’s why sellers are more interested to stage their properties than going the other way to liquidate it in no time. However, when you stage the home and make it ready for sale, living in it might be a real struggle. There would always be a chance of hampering the staging or giving signs to the investors that you are still living in the house in full swing.

Here are the top 5 tips to live in a staged home without hampering its appeal so that selling it is easier than before.

4 Tips to Live in a Staged Home

1.     Get Used to The Idea

One thing you must keep in mind before staging your home is that now you cannot live in the house like you used to live in it before the staging – now that it is up for sale and is decorated in a certain way, you have to be very careful and cautious while living in it. And that’s why you have to set your mind in such a way that even major inconveniences shouldn’t affect you. After the staging, think your own home as a friend’s home and live accordingly. Adjusting your mindset and view would help you to accommodate your new lifestyle quickly and easily.

2.     Keep a Room or two Un-staged

If you have a relatively big house that you have listed for sale, I would suggest you to select a room or two to not stage while staging the property for the investors to see. Living in one room might be a little uncomfortable, but doing so would make sure that the other staged rooms are untouched and not messy. When it comes to showing the house, you can quickly tidy up the room you are living in to make sure that it goes with the other staged rooms.

3.     Hide the Necessities in an Accessible Place

Even when you are living in just one room in the house, it’s a better idea to hide all your necessities in an accessible place so that they are not visible to the investors yet you have easy access to them.

In addition to your daily wearables and other necessary items, you must also put away your cleaning and gardening tools so that your house looks emasculate when buyers come to inspect it.

However, don’t hesitate to bring out the tools when you see even the slightest imperfection. Your house can never be too beautiful to others.

4.     Protect the Stager Furniture

If you have rented furniture from a staging shop to stage your house, then don’t forget to take the utmost care of them. If you don’t protect them diligently, there is a high chance that you might lose the security deposit and waste a handsome amount of money. The best way to protect your staged furniture is by covering them with cloth all the time and avoid contact with them fully. Uncover them only when you have an investor over to inspect your property.


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