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7 Quick Ways to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home
September 25, 2020

When you decide to sell your home, it is important that the property is well-groomed so that investors are attracted to it as soon as they lay eyes on the home. Enhancing the curb appeal of your house is not as expensive or difficult as you might have imagined. With the right approach, even with a tight budget, you can actually improve the way your home looks.

7 Quick Ways to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

1.     Clean

The cardinal rule of increasing the curb appeal of your house is to keep it clean. A clean property attracts the attention of potential buyers quicker than a house that hasn’t been taken care of in a while.

After listing your property for sale, make sure that you sweep the leaves and gravel from the porch regularly to maintain the clean look of the house.

2.     Install Outdoor Lighting

Cleverly placed, low voltage lights can increase the appeal of your outdoors by several notches. And therefore, don’t hesitate to install accent lighting to the walking path, trees, or the house to create a somewhat fascinating environment.

These lights would also provide safety and security to the home.

3.     Paint the Front Door

Another way to make your house aesthetically beautiful is by painting the front door with bright, eye-catching colors. A fresh coat of paint would not only help you to hide its flaws but at the same time would also increase the curb appeal of your house.

4.     Create an Instant Garden

Nothing can improve the way your home looks than a clean, well-organized garden. And to enhance the curb appeal to your buyers, creating an instant outdoor garden is an excellent approach. To install an instant garden, planting trees and plants in different types and shapes of containers is an easy, quick, and affordable option. 

If you are going for a landscape look, arranging the containers and pots asymmetrically would help you to create a dynamic setting.

5.     Trim the Shrubs

If you already have a garden, then don’t forget to trim the shrubs before the buyers come to visit the property. Overgrown shrubs are undoubtedly one of the most common curb-kills and have the potential to make your property look unkempt and unpleasant.

On the other hand, a nice flat-top trimmed bush not only improves the overall look of your house but it also helps to attract the onlookers even more.

6.     Redo the Walkaway

If you have a walkaway towards your house, then redoing it would obviously increase the curb value of the property and impress your buyer instantly. A well-designed, simple path not only enhances the look but at the same time also makes your home feel inviting and warm.

To redo the pathway, you can replace the concrete with contoured bricks or can also edge the walkway with brick or stone borders. Either way, your home will look alluring after redecorating the path.

7.     Add Porch Furniture

If you have enough outdoor space, then one of the easiest ways to increase the curb appeal and get the attention of your buyers is by adding a few interesting pieces of furniture to your porch. The chairs, sofas will give you a place to sit at the end of the day and also help to improve the way your porch looks.

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