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5 Ways to Prepare Your House for Tenants
August 1, 2020

Even when you bought the house to live in it, at some point in time, you might find renting it for additional income. Renting a property is easier than selling it altogether. However, while renting it out, you might also face some trouble, especially, if the house is not ready for tenants.

In this article, I have discussed 5 easy and effective ways to get your home ready for tenants so that you can rent it out immediately and start earning from it.

5 Ways to Prepare your House for Tenants

1.     Start With Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you have lived in the property or not, a thorough cleaning is a must before you even show it to your tenants. Getting rid of every bit of dirt, dust and buildups is a great way to start. A sparkling clean house is always attractive.

If you have a flexible budget, I would suggest you hire professional cleaners. That is because reaching the corners, cleaning the carpets, and wiping the windows as sparkling as you want them to be is quite hard. Professional cleaners will help you to achieve the results you have been wanting quickly and precisely.

2.     Check your Security System

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to provide adequate security to your tenants, and therefore, you must check the security system of your house before putting it on the market for renting. Also, remember that a well-secured house will most probably generate more income than any ordinary property.

Changing the locks, installing CCTV, and installing an electric fence will help you to rent the house quicker than before.

3.     Conduct the Necessary Repairs

You just cannot list a “not so perfect” house for renting and expect big bucks from it. To maximize your rent income, you first need to make sure that your property is perfect. Carry out repairs and renovations where necessary. Replace the broken furniture, repair if there is any broken window or damaged fittings/fixtures, check if the others are working properly. All these little yet considerable repairs will increase the appeal of your house and help it to rent faster.

4.     Sort out Utilities and Appliances

In addition to repairing, you must also make sure that all your utilities and appliances including the oven, stove, fridge, air conditioners, and others are operating perfectly. Call out an electrician and check them to be sure that they are in top condition and safe. You just cannot take any risk with the safety of your tenants.

5.     Don’t Forget about the Pipes and Drainage

Homeowners often forget to check the pipes and drainage before renting their properties. Don’t be that landlord. Before even putting the house on the market for rental, make sure that your drainage system is top-notch and that there is no water leakage or blockage. Clogged drainage is an absolute deal-breaker.

Final Words

Now that you know some of the most effective ways to prepare your home for rent, don’t forget to check all the boxes before you show it to any potential tenants. Remember that a fully prepared house will ensure maximum cash flow.

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