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Does A Garden Have Any Impact On the House Price?
June 15, 2020

According to Elements Lawn Care, citing NGA (The National Gardening Association), an average American spends approximately 43 minutes per day gardening. The reason behind spending so much time taking care of the plant and trees is not only to enhance the beauty of the house – a well-kept garden can increase the value of your property by a great length.

But then again, a well-kept garden doesn’t mean that it has to meet Chelsea Flower Show standards; a simple, easy to take care of the back yard or terrace garden will help to sell a living property much quicker than those homes with elaborate gardens and landscaping.

So, if you are planning to invest in a gardening project to increase the value of your property then pick wisely. We have suggested a few ideas below that would help you to not only create a serene view but also to hike the price.

Regional roses

When you have a small gardening place,you are one of the few luckiest. Apartment prices are sky high in the US and when you have even a small piece of green, the extra value of your house can soar.

You can add small plants, various types of regional roses, and a few colorful herbs to decorate the garden that doesn’t require regular watering. These houseplants would not only provide the required green to the eyes but also won’t require meticulous maintenance. People living in cozy apartments in cities & metropolitan areas are always busy. They would want to enjoy a soothing view without investing time and energy – for such people these house plants are the best.


When you have a house property with lots of open field space, grooming a lawn would be an excellent choice to add value to your home. However, even though a lawn can hike the price of your property doesn’t mean that any lawn would. In fact, if your backyard or lawn is not meticulously maintained, there are high chances that instead of increasing the value it might decrease your home’s overall price.

Therefore don’t forget to trim the grasses and water the land on a regular basis to make sure your home looks top-notch when you put it on for sale.

Other Aspects to keep in mind

It doesn’t matter if you have a flower garden or a lawn, trimming the leaves and grasses regularly is a must. Also, don’t forget to knead the flower pots to keep them healthy so that they attract your buyers easily.

Another important aspect you must keep in mind about your garden is to keep it clean, clear, and free from bugs and insects. Use environment-friendly insecticides to not only keep insects at arm’s length but also to maintain a healthy house environment. The reason you must maintain the best atmosphere of your garden is to keep the selling price of your home steady. Buyers who are interested in buying your house or apartment won’t feel the same level of enthusiasm when they realize the garden wasn’t cared for and they might insist on discounting the price.


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