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5 Tips for Selling Your Real Estate Property During Coronavirus Lockdown
June 5, 2020
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Selling a real estate property in this current lockdown situation is a big deal, but if you know some hacks &tips, it can be easier for you.

1.    Use Virtual Tours or Video Tours

Virtual tours are still a new thing in the real estate business, and many realtors don’t understand it very well. But it is, in fact, the best time to use the virtual tour. In this lockdown, it’s almost impossible to organize open house events. However, you can contract with a 3D modeling company and tell them to make you a virtual tour video of your house. There’re many 3D modeling companies in the US who will provide you the service for a minimal price. 

Virtual tours will allow the customers to see every corner of your house without being present in the house physically. Again, if you have a real estate website, you can attract more customers by using the virtual tour guide.

If you don’t find a 3D modeling company nearby, you can tell your real estate agent to make a house tour video of your house. Video tours will work the same as the virtual tour. You can also upload your house video on different social media platforms, and by answering the customers’ questions on social media platforms, you can increase the chance of selling your real estate property.

2.    Use E-Signing

Remote or E-signing can be the best option when you’re trying to avoid human contact. In the US, currently, 35 states have a remote or E-notarization policy. Remote notarization allows you to sign the contract, and send necessary documents to the client digitally. If you don’t understand the E-signing or remote notarization properly, you can ask your real estate agent to tell you briefly about this.

3.    Importance of Hygiene

When any clients visit your house, make sure that you clean the house thoroughly. In this uncertain time, you’ll have to maintain maximize hygiene in order to be safe from the virus. Also, you can use sanitizer before entering your house, and if you take it to the next level, you can check your customer’s temperature before entering your home. This may sound weird, but it’s the only option to keep you safe from the virus.

4.    Stay Updated

The world is changing very fast these days. New speculations and restrictions are coming in many industries. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of it. You’ll hear a lot of rumors about real estate on the internet. But don’t believe them blindly. If you need to know about any topic about real estate, ask your real estate agent. A good real estate agent will tell you what is right and what is wrong.

5.    Don’t be surprised to See the Competitiveness of the Real Estate Market.

In this lockdown situation, the real estate market has become more competitive as there are only a few buyers willing to spend money and buy a new property. But there are few sellers too. So, before selling your house, talk to multiple buyers, and don’t sell your real estate property at a low price. Some may provoke you to sell the real estate property at a low price but don’t listen to them. Use your own judgment or seek professional advice from experienced people in the industry.

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