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Setting up an Online Presence for Your Real Estate Business
May 22, 2020

In this day and age, setting up an online presence is crucial in getting your business out there to the public as more and more people rely on online searches and research to get their bids into the next best real estate deal. There are quite a few different ways to set up an effective online presence, and today we’ll be breaking down some of the essentials you need to set up for yourself.

Why is an online presence important?

To survive in the current market, you need your business to be available online, including information, contact details, and set yourself up as an industry leader in real estate. Studies in the real estate market have shown that 2 in 3 buyers look up real estate agents extensively before making a purchase. Therefore, having an online presence your customers can evaluate before getting in touch with you will boost your business in the long term.

How to set up an online presence for your real estate business?


Building a search engine optimized website for your real estate business is one of the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about online presence. Therefore, if you do not have an optimized website, you will be missing out on a lot of potential customers who are searching online for properties you are selling through your business. Hence, this is one of the most important and easiest ways to setup an online presence.

Social Media

Setting up social media profiles for your real estate business lets you bring down another barrier of communication with your customers. By hiring the right people to manage these accounts, including the content posted on them, you can extend your reach, answer customer queries right on the pages, and advertise great deals.

Setting Up A Blog

Publishing SEO-optimized content on your blog helps your business rank higher during searches and allows your customers to find your real estate business easily and get the best deals. Here, you could talk about home designing, meeting real estate quotes or landing good deals, as long as the content is optimized for search engines, you will be able to promote your website and reach your intended audience.

Setting up a blog is simple, and you can embed it into your main site as well if you do not wish to use an external service.

Host Virtual Home Tours Online

With various video hosting sites available to you, creating some content to allow your customers to have a virtual home tour of some of the properties you are selling can give you an uptick in revenue as well. A video or livestream of your home tour hosted on your main company website or elsewhere lets your customers go through a tour right from their home and contact you to place a bid.


Internet fame takes time and it’s very unlikely that you’ll start seeing changes right off the bat. Therefore, it’s important to stick to your guns, produce regular content for all your online media, and ensure consistency to eventually build a significant online presence and following in the real estate business.


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