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5 Reasons to Use Gradients in Web Design
March 13, 2020

Gradient adds value to the design. Most of the web designers are using gradients to increase engagement and visual interest. You’ll see faded colors beingusedmore on websites than before. If you’re not a fan of the gradient, it’s high time that you be. In this article, I’ll tell you why you should use a gradient in web design.

5 Reasons to Use Gradient in Web Design

1.    Easy to Create

The gradient is very easy to create. You’ll need to select two or more colors and start playing with it. In gradient, choosing the right color is the difficult part. But after that everything is very easy and fun. You can choose the shape, direction, for example, from up to down, left to right, radial, etc. Also, you can add multiple gradients in one design.

2.    To Give Natural Look

Everything you see outside isn’t in solid color. For example, the sky isn’t always solid blue, or nature isn’t always pure green. So, if you want to add faded colors to your design, you should use gradient. Just choose a few colors and fade them into each other. This will give a natural look in your web design, and your web design will look livelier.

3.    Trendy

There were times when all websites had one color, or the web designer didn’t play with the color while designing a website. But time has passed; designers are more creative now and using different tools to make the design more attractive. You’ll hardly find any website that uses the old school color theme. Now, almost all the websites use a gradient to make the website attractive and eye-catching. The use of gradient makes the website more engaging and appealing to the visitors. Also, it’s very overwhelming. So, if you want to make your website more natural and engaging, you should use a gradient on your website.

4.    Creating Memory

Gradient makes every color different from one another. If you can make a good combination of colors, it’ll have a great impact on users’ minds. Users will remember that color for a long time. This thing is important when you’re trying to establish a brand.

You can use color gradient like in any other color to establish a visual connection with the audience. But at first, you’ll have to create a killer gradient that shines overall. For this, you’ll have to use your imagination skills and play with the colors. You can use colors that are similar to your brand or theme. For example, if you’re designing for a magazine website, you can use pink and similar colors to make a killer gradient.

5.    To Spice Up

The gradient is great for removing the blandness of a color. Proper use of gradient can make a bland image from boring to super fun and interesting. Also, it helps to create a brand, voice, tone, etc. You can pick an image and add a gradient over that image. It’ll make a simple and boring image for something interesting. Also, don’t overuse the gradient, it’ll make it worse if you overuse it.


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