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5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas
March 27, 2020

Real estate marketing space is continuously changing. You’ll have to come up with new ideas to do better in real estate marketing because most of the traditional ways won’t bring you any luck. Many realtors are still dependent on cold calls. They simply fail to realize that the use of technology can help your marketing strategy reach new heights of real estate marketing. In this article, I’ll talk about a few real estate marketing ideas that will help you to boost your business. 

Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

1.    Increase Engagement on Instagram Stories

Engagement is the key to success in real estate marketing. You can create polls or a contest on Instagram stories to create more engagement. The more you create engagement with the audience, the more they will remember your name and your real estate business. Also, you can offer giveaways by arranging contests. Besides polls and contests, you can use the question feature of Instagram to answer all the queries about real estate from the visitors. This will help you to increase the audience in your real estate page. Also, when you do these things, the Instagram algorithm marks your page as a unique content creator and boosts your traffic organically.

2. Run Social Media Ads for Your Videos

Videos are a key ingredient in marketing; real estate marketing is no exception. Videos engage with the customer more than anything. To have your videos reach potential customers, you can run advertisements on social media for your real estate videos. This has two benefits – one is that your videos are getting viewed by a large number of people, and the second one is that you’re promoting your real estate business. You can use Facebook and YouTube as a platform because these are the two great platforms where you can get maximum views on your real estate videos by running ads.

3.    Facebook Messenger Ads

When you use the Facebook Messenger app, you’ll see different types of ad in the chat list. Facebook has introduced this feature recently. This feature has become very effective because when you go through your chat list, you get to see different ads, and certainly, you cannot avoid it. As a result, many successful companies are investing in this new feature of Facebook. Previously when you used to run real estate ads on other platforms, users could avoid those ads. But with this feature, the chances of seeing your real estate advertisement have increased ten times.

4.    Use Local Newspapers for Publicity

Local newspapers or magazines are a great way to brand yourself among the neighborhood in the real estate business. You can collaborate with newspapers and magazines to write columns on real estate. When you write columns and articles on newspapers, you’ll become a go-to person in real estate, and you can expand your real estate business by using popularity among the community.

5.    Celebrity Marketing

Celebrities have millions of followers on social media and you can use it for your new real estate marketing strategy. Social media celebrities promote different products on their social media page. You can make contact with famous social media celebrities and ask them to promote your real estate business. Also, you can cast social media celebrities in your real estate videos to create hype in the market. When you cast famous faces on any videos or content, you get traffic organically. Also, this creates trust among the viewers.


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