The Power of Pop-Up Ads
January 10, 2020

We all hate pop-up ads, and even the creator of pop-up ads apologized publicly. But pop-up ads can be very effective. Pop-up ads are annoying to the customers because the marketers couldn’t make pop-up ads interesting and useful. But if they are done right, digital marketers may benefit from pop-up ads. Here are a few ways to make pop-up ads more useful. 

3 Ways to Make the Pop-Up Ads More Useful

Make Your Customer Feel Positive about the Pop-Up Ad

Pop-up ads are extremely annoying, but you can add value to your pop-up ad. You should remember that you’ve already made the customer annoyed by showing your pop-up ad, and the best thing you can do now is add value in your advertisement.

Suppose you’re on holiday and some salesperson is trying to sell you products that you don’t want. On the other hand, another person comes in and offers you a drink. What will you choose? You’ll definitely choose the drink. This example is applicable to pop-up ads. Your ad will have to be the guy with the drink because when a user visits a website, he/she doesn’t want to see any ads on the screen. But if you can make your pop-up ad interesting, the visitor will click your ad, and you’ll get your lead.

Offer Discounts

The best way to attract users through pop-up ads is to offer discounts on your products. Most of the time, customers visit a website to gather information and compare the two products. A customer doesn’t want tobuy a product instantly unless there’s a discount or other privileges. So, if you can offer discounts through pop-up ads, the customer is more likely to buy that product because who doesn’t like to save money.

Another beauty of this strategy is that if the customer doesn’t buy the product right after seeing the pop-up ad, he/she might intend to buy the product in the future by using the discount coupon or code. That’s why it’s the most effective strategy to make your pop-up ads more useful.   

Offer Time Limited Deals

Another way to make your pop-up ad more usefulis by showing time-limited offers. But you’ll have to make sure your time limit is practical and doesn’t look like a fake. You’ll have to make it real so that the customer doesn’t doubt the ad. You can target special days like black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year, Christmas to offer time-limited deals. All the successful stores offer amazing deals targeting these events, and it gives the retailers a big profit.

It’s customer psychology that when you offer something with limited time, the customer is more likely to buy the product because none wants to miss any deal that can help them to save money. These are the few ways to make your pop-up ad more interesting and useful. You should always add value to the ad, and this is the key to success in pop-up ads.


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