Common Affiliate Marketing Scams to Watch Out
January 14, 2020

Like any other online business, affiliate marketing businesses face scams and fraud on a regular basis. But don’t think of it to be illegitimate or a scam-filled business model in anyway. Almost all businesses face scams in one form or another. But that doesn’t mean those businesses are illegitimate or illegal. Affiliate marketing is no exception. But for a healthy business growth, it is important to avoid these scams. And the only way you can do this is by preparing to avoid them before they come to haunt you in the annual revenue report. Here are 3 most common affiliate marketing scams that you should look out for in 2020 –

Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Scams

1.   Advertisements like Become Rich In A Week

You’ll see “Become rich in a few days” type of advertisements everywhere. This is the main reason why affiliate marketing has a bad reputation. In most of the ads, you’ll see they ensure that you’ll become rich within 7 days by just working 2 hours daily. But you know how difficult it is to earn money. So, you shouldn’t believe in those ads, and whenever you see this type of ad, you shouldn’t fall for it.

Again, if you see someone trying to sell a secret system that works in affiliate marketing, don’t fall for that as well. It takes time to become successful in affiliate marketing, and there’s no shortcut. You need a proper plan and strategy to earn money from affiliate marketing.

2.   Duplicate Domain Name Scams

You’ll receive this type of scam email, mainly from China. When you register a domain for your company, scammers will send you an email telling you that someone in China is registering the same domain name as yours but in xyz.cn. When you ask them about why they’re telling you this information, they’ll reply that they’ve noticed your domain name is being duplicated, and they want to help you. If you fall in this scam, they’ll make you purchase the domain that is of no use to your business. That’s how they make money by fooling you. So, if you see any type of this email, you shouldn’t fall for it and mark it as a spam email.

3.   Fake Training Programs

When people start an affiliate marketing business, they want training to learn all the basics and necessary things to do better in the business. But many scammers take this chance and earn money from it. You’ll see hundreds of people are trying to sell different training programs in videos or webinars. Before selecting a training program, you should do some research and read some reviews. I am not telling you not to do any training programs but choose wisely. A good affiliate marketing training program can benefit you in many ways, but you’ll have to be careful while choosing a crash course on Affiliate marketing. Otherwise, your precious money will go directly into the pockets of the scammers.

These are the top 3 affiliate marketing scams to watch out for. You need to be careful in the affiliate marketing business because there’re scammers everywhere. To check whether any program or training session is a scam or not, you should search about it on Google. If reviews are available, check them.

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