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Outdated Website Design Trends
December 31, 2019

same clothes all the time or enjoy the same genre of movie or book year after year. That’s why we crave and encourage change. This is true for web elements too. The type of web design that was popular in 2010 doesn’t really work today. Those web design trends are outdated now. Today, minimalistic trumps majestic. Here are some other website design trends that won’t work in this new decade and it’s best if you could avoid these design elements when you are building or redesigning your own website.

Top 5 Outdated Web Design Trends

Auto play in the Background

When you enter a website, video or audio advertisement starts to play in the background, and you don’t have any control over it. But you need to avoid using this web element. Because people get irritated and the whole website LAGS because of auto playing. But it’s important to make your customer connected to your website but when you use this kind of web element, you’ll fail to do this. That’s why this web element doesn’t work. The visitor should have the option to play or pause the audio or video advertisement. Because of this website design, many visitors feel irritated, and sometimes they think that by clicking on those advertisements, they will go to a spam link. That’s why this website design should be changed.

External Link that Opens in the Same Tab

There are many benefits of using an external link on your website. Sometimes an external link helps you to SEO your website. However, when you add an external on your website, make sure that it opens in a new tab. When the visitor opens that link in the same tab, traffic will go away from your website, and you’ll lose customers. Also, when your traffic drops down, Google will rank your site down in the search list. For these reasons, this website design is outdated and must be changed.

Pop-Ups Advertisements

Pop-up advertisements are super annoying to many users. But many modifications have been made recently to make pop-up ads more effective and less annoying. However, pop-up ads can attract a lot of users when it’s well structured. But there is always a no for bad pop-up ads. So, how to know if your pop-up ad is good or bad? If your ad shows too early on the website, takes the visitor to a new website to collect data, and repeatedly shows the same ad, then you must make necessary modification in your pop-up ad.

Adobe Flash Player

Many website owners are still using Adobe Flash Player on their website. But recently, Adobe has stated that they’ll stop providing their Adobe Flash Player service from 2020. So, if your website is still using Flash player in 2020, the visitor will see an error message when they enter your website. So, if your website is still using the Flash player, you should remove it.

Stock Photo

Hiring a professional photographer and click photos are sometimes costly for new businesses. That’s why new and reputed companies also use stock photos on their website. But these stock photos aren’t effective all the time. A huge number of websites use cheesy stock photos that sometimes irritate visitors. Yes, you can use stock photos on your website, but you’ll have to change your mindset and shouldn’t use the same type of pictures that everyone uses. For example, don’t use the typical image of a small house on your real estate website. You should carefully select stock images for your website.


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