Instagram SEO Techniques to Increase Reach
December 4, 2019

Recently Instagramuser count crossed the 1 billion mark and seems like the exponential growth isn’t slowing down soon. It was first launched as a photo-sharing site, but as time evolved, Instagram has now become more than a photo-sharing site. Instagram is currently beingused for business purposes andto increase brand value among potential customers. To reach more audience, businesses apply SEO for Instagram, like any other social media. To make sure you don’t miss out the SEO opportunities & the huge customer base in Instagram, here are a few SEO techniques that will help you to reach more audience.

Top 5 SEO Techniques of Instagram 

1. Optimizing your Page

Optimizing your page or profile means to offer the best user experience to the users. First of all, you need tomake public your profile. There is an option on Instagram that you canuse to make your profile private. But it is a hindrance in the pathway of optimizing your profile. Because when your profile is public, viewers get to see your content. So, at first, make your profile public. Then, upload a colorful and brand image of your business. After that, choose a username that is relatable to your business. Don’t select any username that doesn’t go with the company or difficult to search. Then, make your Instagram account to a business account and finally add a linkto your website in your bio section.

2. Add Main Keywords in both Username and Display Name

Firstly, identify your business niche. If your business is about fitness, then try to add words like muscle or fitness as the main keyword in both username and profile display name. When users search for fitness, if you have fitness in your display name and user name, chances are your profile will show at the top. As a result, users are likely to visit your profile. This technique goes for any type of business, from bakery to beauty products. 

3. Use Secondary Keyword in Your Bio

If you have successfully updated the username and profile display name with the main keyword, now it’s time to take care of the secondary or alternative keyword. Secondary keywords are also essential to attract more audience to your profile. People may not search the exact primary keyword that you used in your username and profile display name, but still, they may have an interest in your profile. So, you have to select words that your potential customers may search. For fitness, you can choose gym, bodybuilding, training, etc. and for bakery, you can select recipe, bakery, etc. 

4. Consider Hashtags as Keywords 

Most of the users will find your profile through hashtags. So, you need to focus on hashtags that you will be using in your post as a keyword. In hashtags, you can add your company name in the hashtag. Also, you can add words related to the picture that you post. This will attract a wider and diversified audience. 

5. Use Instagram Alt Text

Instagram alt text is a new feature, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, it allows the users to write a description of the image. This new feature was launched for users with vision disability. But this new feature can be used as the SEO technique. When you use the Alt text, users can see the image description when they put the mouse over the image. This Alt text will help your Instagram post to show on the top search result. Also, users can see your post when they use a voice search.

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