How To Boost Your Podcast & Get Thousands Of Subscribers In Days?
December 20, 2019

It’s really difficult to get listeners or subscribers for a newly launched podcast show. Don’t believe me? Ask the 400 new podcast shows that launched today.

Yes, every day, more than 400 new podcast shows are launched.

And how many of them do you think are able to pull thousands of new listeners and subscribers as they launch their new show? Not many, only a couple of shows or even less. And if you want to be on the other side of that thin margin, here’s what you need to do –

3 Tips To Promote Your Podcast

1.      Leverage your guests on the show

Most of the podcasts these days bring guests on their shows and these guests bring them tons of exposure. However, the exposure new podcasters manage to get is definitely not optimum.

New podcasters make many mistakes with guests. Firstly, they don’t advertise their guests enough.

Just adding the guest’s name on the podcast title is not enough. You need to get the word out, especially to your guest’s audience. In order to get your guest’s audience interested in the podcast show, you need to ensure they are getting the message, preferably from your guest.

To do so, you can create promotional material for the episode. If you want to keep it simple, you just create a poster including you and your guest with the necessary details to catch the podcast episode. Then ask your guest to share that on their social media or whatever network he has. You can also ask him to include the promotional material on his newsletter if he has one.

2.      Start in bulk

When you launch a new podcast show, it’s hard to get noticed and make people understand what the show is about. From what I have listened to, as the researcher for this content, most new podcast shows spend their first episode explaining the format of the show. But people who are listening to it, they hardly get to experience the actual show. That’s why the new listeners lose interest from the show within the first episode.

However, if you launch your new show with 3-4 episodes, the listeners have 3-4 episodes to see what actually the show is and if they like what you’re doing, they might subscribe and become a loyal fan.

3.      Podcast to YouTube video

I have seen this on many shows where the podcasts turninto a YouTube video. I don’t have to tell you how much exposure a YouTube video brings. That’s why it’s almost an unwritten law that Podcasts must be on YouTube as a video.

There are two ways you can do the video. If you are inviting your guest to your studio, you can record the actual episode on camera and release it with the podcast audio. You can do that even if you have guests in a remote location. Just record the video conversation on Skype and release it with the audio.

However, if you don’t want to share the camera footage, you can release the podcast on YouTube with some audio-triggered animation.

Bonus Tips

4. Transcribe the podcast audio

5. Submit your podcast to aggregators and podcatchers


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