Best & Most Welcoming Neighborhoods For The LGBTQ Community To Settle In
December 8, 2019

‌According to the Gallup report of May 2018, about 4.5% of the total US population, which is about 11 million people, have identified themselves as gay, lesbian, and transgender. Some cities in the US are friendly to live for LGBTQ people.

Before living in a neighborhood, you must consider some indexes like the LGBTQ population in that area or city, HRCME or Human Rights Campaign Municipal Equality Index, presence of LGBTQ chamber of commerce, etc. We have considered these indexes and finding those we have made a list about LGBTQ friendly neighborhood. So, here is the top LGBTQ neighborhood where people can live freely.

4 LGBTQ Friendly Neighborhood 

Evansville, Indiana 

In 2012, Evansville made it illegal to discriminate based on gender identity and sexual orientation. But in 2016, this got new speed because the Humans Rights Commission had expanded its power. With this, the Human Rights Commission can run an investigation on discrimination complaints. Also, there is an official LGBTQ liaison in Evansville’s Mayor’s office. Evansville will be the best neighborhood for you if you have an open mind and accept what is right. People of Evansville are also very LGBTQ friendly to live with. 

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson has a high score on the HRCMEI or Human Rights Campaign Municipal Equality Index. Tucson was also the first city in the Arizona, which passed the anti-discrimination ordinance. This anti-discrimination ordinance protects lesbians, gays, and transgender people. This ordinance was passed back in 1999. So, Tucson also can be your neighborhood to live in. However, the overall cost of living is a little bit high compared to other cities. 

Midtown, Atlanta  

In 1971, Midtown hosted one of the first American pride parades, and it is one of the oldest gay neighborhoods. 1976, the Atlanta gay center was established here in Midtown, which offers healthcare and support groups to the LGBTQ community. Midtown is still one of themostLGBTQ friendly neighborhoods, and it has rainbow-colored crosswalks. Also, Atlanta scores 100 on the MEI, and the city government is very friendly in ensuring LGBTQ rights. 

Mount Airy West, Philadelphia 

If you are looking for a diversified neighborhood, including different sexual orientations, separate gender identity, race, wealth, Mount Airy West welcomes you then. Again, if you have kids, Mount Airy West will be the best neighborhood to grow up your child. It is a normal thing nowadays in the community. This city has LGBTQ protection and has a non-discrimination policy. Whether you are gay, lesbian, or transgender, Mount Airy West welcomes you warmly. This city scores a perfect 100 on the Municipal Equality Index or MEI. 

Wilton Manors, Florida

Wilton Manors has a long history of LGBTQ rights. According to the US census, 2010, Wilton Manors have the 2nd most gay couples in the US. These statistics show how friendly neighborhood Wilton Manors have. Also, the city offers many policies and programs to support the LGBTQ community. Wilton Manors is indeed a beautiful city for LGBTQ people live in, and the city offers many facilities to support the community.


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