What Is Link Building & Different Types Of Link Building?
November 22, 2019

Link building is an important strategy used in search engine optimization or SEO. It gives Google a signal or message that your site contains quality content and resources. It helps to improve the rank of your website. As a result, your website will be visited more and show on the front page. 

What is Link Building 

Link building is the process of getting links from other websites to your website. All digital marketers and business owners need to build links so that they can generate referral traffic and increase the authority of their website. Links help the users to go through different sites and pages. There are many techniques in link building and some of the techniques are very difficult. Many digital marketers have said that link building is the toughest part of their job. But it is completely worth it. When you have created content or a blog and it is rich in quality but it is not enough. To show your website on the top result, your page needs authority. It is only possible by getting links from other authoritative websites. That’s why it is important to master this technique of link building. It is indeed a hard skill to master but when you do it, it will put your website and contents ahead of your competitors. 

Now, let’s talk about the types of Links in link building. 

Different Types of Link Building

1.Natural Links

These kinds of links are very important for search engine optimization. This type of link will be given to you by the other website owners. It is one of the most efficient ways in link building. Also, it saves you time because in this case, you don’t have to ask the website owners for their website link to use on your website. But why will someone give their link to you? Your website must contain something that will attract the owner of the website to give you their website link. 

2. Manual Link Building 

If your website is new and unknown, you are probably likely to use this method in link building. It is the most common of all. In this type, you will be asking the owners and bloggers to use their links on your website. But at first, you will need to convince them why should they give you permission to do so. Keep in mind that, you should only contact the owners who have a connection to your website niche. 

3. Non- Editorial Links

Non-editorial links are categorized in black hat practices. So, you should avoid this type. Try to give importance to other types of link building strategy, mentioned above. Because when you use non-editorial or self-created links, you try to fool the search engines by showing that your website is rich in content and the quality of your website is very high, which is actually not true. This kind of practice is included in black hat practices. You should avoid any kind of this type because if you use self-created links and Google finds it, your website will be penalized. It will bring harm rather than good.


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