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Web Design Ideas to Boost Your Business
November 2, 2019

Whether you have an e-commerce or local business, if you want to boost your business, you need to have a good design for your website. There are a couple of eye-catching themes trending in the web design sector. But you have to choose what is best for your business according to the concept and value of your business. Because a well-designed website attracts more people and the impression you make on them can impact your overall sell. If your website has a good design, then the viewers are more likely to stay on the page and learn about your products even share your products with others.

Web Design Tips to Boost Your Business

  1. Minimalistic Design: Fewer distractions, very clean, sophisticated, simplicity are the base of minimalistic design. This design focuses on simple navigation, user-friendly interface, and less color contrast. Going with a minimalistic design is a great idea to build up your website.
  2. No Bad WordPress: By using WordPress, anyone can make websites without any knowledge of coding. Statistics say, 80% of the total websites are made on WordPress. But unfortunately, half of the WordPress sites have a really bad theme. So, when you are designing for your business, try to use a modern, responsive, beautiful and contemporary theme. Or, you can hire a professional website designer to help you do so. The main thing you have to keep in mind that you have to be original and simple.
  3. Rich Animations: Wherever possible, try to add animations on your website; like GIF, movies, etc. It benefits your website; makes it a more lively and engaging experience compared to static images. It creates visual feedback on what you are doing and how you are interacting with your website. It makes product learning for customers more fun and intuitive.
  4. High Definition/ HD Visuals: As technology started to advance like never before, retina displays are available everywhere and bandwidth has increased.  That’s why you have no excuse but to use high-resolution images on your website. But you have to pay attention a little bit to load times but having broad expanses and imagery is engaging. It looks very aesthetic and contemporary. It gives a designer a great control over the mood of what the experience is going to be for the website visitors and your potential customers. 
  5. Optimized for Mobile: Google down ranks the websites that are not responsive. So, make sure that your website is responsive. So that the users can use your website from smartphones and tablets. Statistics say, half of the purchases are made online and half of them are ordered through mobiles and tablets. So, having a responsive website is very crucial.

UI vs UX: There is a difference between UI and UX. UI is a user interface which is about navigation and what do you want your customer to do on your site. You have to be very clear about call-to-action and where you want your customer to go on your website. Then, the user experience (UX) stands independent but sings with the user interface (UI). It is about what kind of experience do you want your customers to have, what kind of emotional takeaway do you want your visitors to have and feelings after visiting your website. So, it is important to use UI/UX on your website.


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