Organically Increase Your Reach on Facebook
November 8, 2019


The latest update that Facebook has made, has given businesses a little bit of a hard time getting to the newsfeed. So, if you haven’t been paying attention to Facebook, they announced that they’re changing the algorithms and changing how businesses and news outlets get into the feed. Now, for years, organic reach on Facebook has been slipping and this is basically because businesses are not posting audience-engaging content. As a consequence, people are getting disconnected day by day. Facebook wants to protect its users and customers. So, they are making it difficult for people or brands to appear on the newsfeed. You have to remember in mind that good content is a must. But still, if you are not reaching your audience enough, here are some tips that will help you to increase your audience.

Top 5 Tips to Increase Reach

Posting Frequently  

You’re not publishing enough content to understand what your fans want. If you’re not reaching your audience, it’s because you don’t know what kind of content people actually want. It is recommended to post different types of videos, images, gift posts, polls, etc. You need to post more diverse content to find out what works.


If you are not having enough reach, maybe you’re not creating enough engagement with your fans and followers. You are just posting your content and daydreaming that people will share your content and write comments on your post. You’re not asking the audience or having a conversation with them. You should think about your content that you’re publishing on Facebook and try to improve the quality of the content. Also, think about how you can make a connection with your audience.

Targeting People 

A lot of businesses and brands make this mistake. They don’t have Facebook Pixel on their website. So, they’re not tracking people that have already seen their website and advertising towards them with Facebook custom audiences. Facebook Pixel and Facebook custom audiences are very powerful and it retargets people that have already seen your content on social media or on your website and reaching out to them with other content. You need to target people who know your brand and have already seen some of your content with the help of Facebook Pixel.

Posting Micro Content

Micro-content is images, videos and, text; anything that condenses the content and keeps people in the feed. So, if you look at your own psychological behavior on Facebook, you’re scrolling through the posts and the one that catches your eye, you look at that post. So, try to post micro-content as much as possible to attract more audiences. 

Put Money in the right Posts

Facebook is a pay-to-play platform in terms of advertisement. A lot of brands and businesses are not paying enough money to reach their potential users. When you post a lot of content, you will be seeing some posts are performing well but some are not. You need to put more money into those posts that perform the most or that have more engagement. Many make this mistake by putting money into the content or posts that have performed less. You need to invest the money in the right place.



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