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Tips On Renovating The Kitchen Of Your Newly Bought House
October 4, 2019

Did you just buy a house? Are you planning to hold it till you get a good offer to resell it?

You know what you can do while you wait for the right deal?

You can renovate the house. It’ll not only make your house better but also help you get a better deal on the house. So, here are some tips –

Modernizing you home kitchen

1.   Use frameless cabinet

I am sure that you noticed how everything today is minimalistic looking. Minimalist look is considered the modern look for the twenty first century. Long gone the days when the flashiest colors and frame cabinets were considered “trendy”. The frameless kitchen cabinets with slab doors and flat panels offer the perfect twenty first century minimalist look today. This type of linear design allows people to enjoy the beauty of the grained wood and the sleek kitchen components.

2.   Get sleek hardware

I talked about minimalist frameless cabinets for a modern design. You know what helps? Sleek hardware.

Sleek hardware along with your frameless cabinets gives a great illusion of modern design and allows features of your kitchen to shine to potential buyers.

3.   Key is streamlined lighting

Whether it is a theatre or your kitchen, proper lighting makes everything better.

In theatres and studios, the lighting is used to highlight a particular scene or a character. But the modern kitchen doesn’t need flashy lighting. You need to ensure the whole kitchen is presented as a whole rather than shining in one part and leaving others under the dark. Streamlined lighting would be enough since modern kitchen demands simplicity.

Modern lighting for your kitchen should be clean and sculptural. You can go with pendant lighting, integrated and recessed in matt black, white, silver or the wooden shade matching your kitchen aesthetics. But if you are looking for a warmer look that fills your kitchen in every corner, you can choose copper or the shiny gold shade.

4.   Buy clean-lined faucets

Like the cabinets and other hardware in your kitchen, your faucets should also be streamlined. The cleaner your kitchen components are, the more modern they look. That’s why I would suggest you get single-handle faucets that are mounted on walls. As for the color, a well-polished chrome or nickel look is sufficient for a sleek illusion. However, any dark matte color will work as long as you are pairing them with simple undermount sinks made of stainless steel.

5.   Use Subtle colors

I have talked about the colors previously when I talked about the lighting of your kitchen and faucets. But other than the kitchen lighting and faucets, there are few other places in your kitchen that you need to pay attention to when choosing a color. The different compartments, drawers, kitchen appliances, etc. should be compatible with the streamlined and elegant look of your cabinets, faucets and lighting. You can do this by using subtle colors like crisp white, clean silver, subtle, matte black or any other neutral color you can think of. Trust me, when you make these adjustments, your kitchen will sell itself.


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