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Should You Invest In Smart Homes?
October 12, 2019

Almost in every real estate forum I’ve been, I found one specific type of question. Should I invest in Smart Homes?

Smart homes are the new thing on the block. The home automation has taken over many neighborhoods, obviously wealthy neighborhoods.

And as for the question – Should you invest in a Smart Home? I’d say – “YES”. But not all home automation is worth investing.

Here are some smart home implementations that you should look for when you are thinking of investing in smart homes –

Smart lighting

Smart lights are the most common home automation and probably the oldest. With the help of smart controls & smart bulbs, homeowners can access the lights pretty easily.

Home control devices like Google Home, Alexa, etc. have made smart lighting more efficient. Turning on or off the light have become like “open sesame”. Just a verbal phrase can turn on or off the light. And it’s not just turning on and off. Using smart control and home control devices, people can even dim or brighten the light according to their need.

Some Smart Home lights are programmable or equipped with sensors so that it can automatically adjust in time or adjust depending on the presence and activity of the family members. Intrigued? If you are intrigued, I’m pretty sure your buyers or tenants will be too.

With smart lighting system like this, you can hike the price of your home and no one will wonder why.

I’d say it is safe to invest in Smart lighting in Smart home.

Smart locks

While smart lights have been the most common and oldest implementation of house automation, the smart locks are the most productive, efficient and useful ones in my opinion.

Today’s Smart homes are equipped with over-the-edge security systems that go beyond biometric access. The locks in your home don’t just operate with keys anymore or triggered by a sensor. They even went past the fingerprint scan or facial recognition.

With today’s smart unlocking technology, you can let your mailman have access to your door for a limited amount of time so that your package isn’t picked up by anyone else from your doormat. The smart lock apps allow mailmen or delivery guys to have access with temporary passcode to leave your belongings inside – under the watchful eyes of security cameras that provide live feed to you all the time.

Homeowners can also let their kids enter the home when the adults are not inside – without giving them the keys which they could lose any time.

With the latest technology, the possibilities are limitless and this is the type of implementation that will give you a great return on your investment.

Automatic Window shades & Interior Door

While ensuring security and convenience for the main gate, the smart locks and door technology can also make the indoor windows and doors more convenient for your family. Automatic sensors inside can easily detect which doors to be opened or with an internet connection, your home can know the weather outside and adjust the windows shades accordingly.

Multimedia, Smoke Detectors, Thermostats, etc.

Smart lighting system, smart locks and automatize indoor doors & windows are the three primary and reasonable implementations of automation. But if you want to make your home even more appealing to buyers, you can set up an automated multimedia system, detectors (for smoke, carbon monoxide, etc.) or thermostats among many other useful smart home automation products. And don’t worry, new and more advanced home automations are being developed every day. So, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to reinvent your home.

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