4 Tools To Produce Quality Podcasts That Boost Your Business
October 15, 2019

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular thanks to thousands of interesting shows and accessible platforms to listen to. The best thing about podcasts is they can be enjoyed at time, anywhere. People can listen to them when driving or during their coffee break – only thing they’ll need is their phones. That’s why it is a good medium to get recognition for your business and expand your target audience.

But the podcast has to be professional enough to make it to the top of the charts. Thankfully with so many advanced tools and software on the market, producing professional podcasts has become much easier these days.

Here are 4 such tools that can make your podcasting experience even enjoyable and boost your business in the process –


Audacity is an open-source software that is accessible to all platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. It is free to use and packs a number of useful features to make podcasting super easy.

You can mix audio tracks, monitor recordings and access all necessary editing options from your main dashboard. Also, you can remove distracting audio like static or coughs from your podcasts using this free tool.

Adobe Audition

Even though the Adobe Audition is known for its video editing use, it has a number of useful audio editing options too. Just for a $20.99 monthly subscription, you get access to tons of advanced features.

Its premium toolset allows tuning the sounds, rearranging clips to fit the timeframe and remixing music. You can even edit the voices separately and then fit them together in the post-production.

Using Adobe Audition’s diagnostic panel, you can restore and repair the audio based on their spectral frequency display. But these premium features are best handled by professionals.


Audacity is a free tool for beginners while Adobe Audition is much more tactile with professional and more advanced features. But GarageBand is for both professionals and beginners alike.

GarageBand is designed for Mac devices specifically. This free workstation is a complete studio with MIDI synth and instrument plug-in support. So, if you want raw music from a drum, guitar or keyboards on your show, you can do so with GarageBand.

Besides, it comes with podcast templates to make podcasting accessible to everyone from a beginner to a top-chart dominating veteran. Lastly, it has an extensive library of sound effects that you can use in your podcast to add depth to your show.


If you are a podcaster who interviews guests remotely, Zencastr is the right tool for you. It mitigates the main problem of remote podcasting, Audio lag.

If you interview people in your show, you must have faced such a situation where your guest audio was reaching 3-5 seconds after you finished speaking. This might sound like a “not so big deal” but when people listen to those laggy podcasts, they’ll think this is an amateur production with no value. But thanks to Zencastr, audio lags can be reduced to 0 seconds now when you are interviewing people from remote places. While its free version allows 8 hours of audio with 2 guest tracks, the professional subscription pack offers unlimited guests and unlimited episodes with many advanced post-production features. So, if you are looking to bring guests into your show, Zencastr is a must for you.

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