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How To Cut Moving Costs When You Are Settling In A New House
September 1, 2019

Finding a dream house can be daunting. But all the effort on finding a good real estate agent, making the right offer and closing the deal will finally pay off when you move into your new house.

But as exciting as it may be, the stress of moving is also something to consider while moving. The stress can be caused by the thought of a hectic weekend of moving or the thought of bearing the moving cost. While I can’t help you with the stress of a hectic weekend, I can give you some tips on how to cut the moving costs while you plan to settle into the new home.

Tip No 1 – Pick the right time

As cliché as it might sound, the first and most important tip is to pick the right time. By “right time”, I mean the “right date”. Even though there are no actual days of the week that are good for moving, September to April is considered to be the best time since the moving horde slows down a bit. This is why you get a fairly cheaper deal in those months. But from May to August, it is moving season. So, even if you could manage to hire a moving agency, they will charge you more than the offseason which is from September to April.

In short, if it is possible, fix a date that is between the offseason if you want to book home movers at a cheap rate.

Tip 2 – Compare different moving companies

Even if you can’t shift your moving dates from the on-season to off-season, you can still manage to cut from the moving cost.

Regardless of where you live, there should be more than a few moving companies in your neighborhood. So, all you need to do is compare what they are offering and decide which suits you the best.

Tip 3 – Donate unwanted things

When you are moving at a long distance, the moving company will charge you depending on the weight of your belongings. The more weight you carry, the more you have to pay for moving them. That’s why it is suggested that you only carry the things you need. Whatever you don’t need, donate them to charity.

Tip 4 – Pack your own belongings

If you need to pack your thing quickly and efficiently, moving companies are the best option. They are fast at their work and they know how to pack them in smaller boxes. However, for their efficient service, they will charge you a lot. But if you pack your things on your own, you will save those packing charges. Besides, when you pack your own valuable belongings, you take good care of your things.

Tip 5 – You can enjoy the federal tax deduction

If you are moving to a new house due to your job, you are covered under the federal tax deduction. So, enjoy the tax break while you are eligible.


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