Global Investors Podcast
GI1: Intro – Global Investors; Foreign Investing In US Real Estate with Charles Carillo
September 2, 2019

The Global Investors Podcast focuses on helping foreign investors enter the lucrative US real estate market. I interview investors, mentors and other industry professionals who have successfully built their businesses while working with foreign investors to create passive income.

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Welcome to the Global Investors Podcast. I’m your host, Charles Carillo. And the Global Investors Podcast is focused on helping international investors invest into US real estate. I started my real estate investing career in 2006, when I purchased the three unit multifamily property. And over the next few years, I built that two 11 units and I self-managed all of them for about six years. In 2012, I moved to Florida and hired a professional third party property management company and I still own those properties today.

During the same time, I was operating an online payment processing company full time and when I was running, when I was running it full time, I ran into a lot of clients and partners that we had that were based internationally and they’re very interested in investing to US real estate. When they asked me how they could invest in the US real estate, I didn’t know how. I would search the Internet and I would talk to different people and no one really knew exactly what’s the best way, what’s the easiest way for an international investor to actually passively invest or directly invest in the US real estate. So when we started syndicating properties, I thought I would start the Global Investors Podcast and it would be an instructional weekly podcast that would help international investors learn from seasoned real estate professionals about how to invest successfully into US real estate.

I design the format to be 25 to 35 minutes long and we would in, we would interview everybody from brokers, lenders, property managers, CPAs, attorneys, pretty much anyone that was involved with US real estate and with foreign investors. And what we have done is that over the next following episodes, we interview all of these professionals and you can easily find which episode fits for what you’re looking for information on it.

Now bear with me for the first dozen or so episodes. This is my first time running a podcast, and I am just a real estate investor with no knowledge. So some of the video might be off, some of the audio might be off, but after about the 20th episode, I really get the hang of it, and I believe it flows a lot, a lot more. It’s a lot smoother, and I feel that you’ll, you’ll appreciate it more. So listen through. Don’t just stop after a couple of episodes and I really appreciate you listening. Thank you.


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