Essential Professional Tools for Marketers & Creative Professionals
September 27, 2019

I spend at least 20 minutes every day to make my work easier. Call me lazy or call me efficient, these 20 minutes a day saved thousands of hours for me. And if you are an online marketer or creative professional, 20 minutes a day can definitely save hours from your day.

Lucky that I did the digging myself and pieced together some amazing professional tools to make a “must-try” list for everyone who’s looking for productivity.

Here are those amazing professional tools that helped me and “will” help you in the long run.

1.   Google Products/Apps

When I see someone using expensive tools for work that could be done with a free Google product. I genuinely get mad at those people for not knowing a free, and most of the time “better”, option is available to them.

Google products, apps and tools are convenient and simple. I simply cannot imagine a day without Google Drive, Calendar and Google Photos. How else am I going to keep track of my files, photos and meetings?

Google basically made everything easy and free.

2.   Boomerang

Boomerang for Gmail is one of those tools that I didn’t know I needed until I used it. Now, I simply cannot work without it. It makes emails more convenient, sorted and most importantly prompt.

If I hadn’t used Boomerang, I would have missed hundreds of emails that needed addressing and I’m sure you missed replying to a couple of them too.

Just imagine being a marketer who forgot to reply to the responses from a campaign – a disappointing day indeed.

3.   KWFinder

Content writers are a majority under the “creative professional” term. So, I had to talk about some specific tools that would make their work much easy. I found one immediately.

Since Search Engine Optimization is one of the major attributes to good content, I invested my time in looking for a tool that helped me in this line of work. I found KWFinder.

This Keyword analyzing tools is a gem for writers as the performance of their work depends on how good the keywords and overall format is. For that, KWFinder is a great tool.

4.   Zoho Vault

Being an online marketer, I realized I cannot memorize all the different passwords for different platforms and different campaign. I let Zoho Vault handle this for me.

Just create an account and let Zoho pick a strong password for you.

5.   WordPress

There is no one in the online marketing world who hasn’t worked on a WordPress platform.

WordPress is the single most efficient and useful thing that came to me as a shock. You won’t realize how much of the industry is dominated by WordPress unless you create your website or host it on WordPress.

6.   Asana

I have used my fair share of project management tools to know that they are worthless, except for one, Asana. While other project management software is basically the fancy combination of Calendar, Reminder and Communication, the Asana tools are 100 times better with the customization and collaboration among a team.


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