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Affordable Neighborhoods In The US Where You Can Get Better Deals On Real Estate
September 20, 2019

Finding your dream home at your budget is not easy. But that shouldn’t stop you from making the dream of your family in your own house come true. That’s why after months of research and visiting the neighborhood myself, I found these 5 neighborhoods in the metropolitan areas where you can get the best deals on real estate.

Here they are –

1.   Columbus – Beechwood

Affordable zip code – 43227

Median home value in zip – $ 79779

Median income in zip – $ 64480

From Downtown Columbus, it takes only 15 minutes to Beechwood where there are plenty of houses that skipped the eyes of house hunters.

From retirees to children, the neighborhood has people of all ages. So, you or anyone in your family will feel left out when you move to the new neighborhood. Besides, Beechwood is just minutes from the John Glenn Columbus International Airport. Commuting is also convenient. So, there’s no reason you should keep a blind eye on this affordable neighborhood.

2.   Pittsburgh – Homeacre-Lyndora

Affordable zip code – 16045

Median home value in zip – $ 88450

Median income in zip – $ 59000

Accompanying the historic city of Butler, Homeacre-Lyndora is a pretty affordable neighborhood that might surprise you.

Most of the shopping places and restaurants are in the big stretch on New Castle Road. Meaning, convenience in shopping and Saturday hangouts are a plus for this neighborhood. Besides, the neighborhood has fun centers and pool parks for kids to enjoy their afternoons. Most importantly, the locals are very welcoming and peace-loving. They formed a cozy community where everyone lives a healthy social life. What else can you ask for?

3.   St. Louis – Southeast side of Florissant

Affordable zip code – 63033

Median home value in zip – $ 112142

Median income in zip – $ 60900

Florissant is the ideal place for golf-lovers who want to stay near the city. A quick 30-minute drive from downtown St. Louis will bring you to this amazing neighborhood where you’ll find plenty of restaurant and shopping places along with 2 big golf courses – Eagle Springs Golf Course and Florissant City Golf Course.

Also, the houses and other real estate properties in Florissant are much bigger in size and available at fairly affordable prices. So, this is a perfect neighborhood for a retirement house, if you are into golfing with your old buddies.

4.   Indianapolis – Speedway

Affordable zip code – 46224

Median home value in zip – $ 91751

Median income in zip – $ 60000

Despite being an old-fashioned town, Speedway has ample civic facilities to keep any family happy in this neighborhood. The neighbors are friendly, the local gathering places are cozy and the city is not too far either.

In the afternoon, you won’t mind having a walk by the sidewalk, looking at the old-bold architectural designs and meeting warm locals.

5.   Kansas City – Northeast side of Kansas City

Affordable zip code – 64117

Median home value in zip – $ 62600

Median income in zip – $ 103476

The northeast side of Kansas City has its fair share of highways and shopping centers along with many parks and recreational places. This part of the town is basically a dream neighborhood where you can wake up hearing birds chirping and go to the city for a morning coffee and fit in your budget real nice.

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