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5 Useful Tips On Building A Successful Real Estate Blog
September 9, 2019

What is the single most useful, free and effective tool for real estate agents, investors or brokers?

The answer is simple – Real estate blogging. 

If you weren’t living under a rock for the last 10-15 years, I won’t have to explain to you how influential blogs are for the real estate industry. That’s why today I’m going to give you 5 useful tips for real estate blogging so that you can start your own blog.

1.      Figure out what type of content will influence the readers & how much time you should spend on blogging

Planning is the foundation of every successful blog. Real estate blogging is no exception. First of all, figure out the type of content your audience will be attracted to. For this, you’ll need to understand your target audience or core demographic. Once you figure out what topics you will cover on your blog, you need to assign specific hours for the content. You can either be a frequent blogger who posts every day on your site or can be fairly light like 2-3 blogs per week. Remember, the more content you publish, the better your chances are to be ranked in Google Search results. But the quality should be top-notch. Even if you can’t post 2-3 articles per week, at least do one each week – not any less.

2.      Estimate how much it will cost you

Once you figured out the content and how frequently you are going to publish your content, it’s time to estimate how much you are going to spend on them.

Even though there are hundreds of free blogging platforms available today, I’d suggest you opt for a paid platform. Don’t worry, the charges won’t strike your bank account. Compared to other expenses for your real estate venture, it’s nothing.

The blogging cost will include web hosting, domain and any additional help you are willing to hire (e.g. Graphic designer, content proofreader, etc.).

3.      Clients & prospects

Whenever you go and meet a client, you must have to answer hundreds of questions where most of them you answered at least a dozen times last week. You can convert these repetitive questions into blog posts. This is how clients and prospects can help you with blogging.

4.      Networking helps a lot

Economics or Advertising 101 – Networking.

Networks make everything easy. Where your own words won’t suffice, a simple reference or shout out from one of your networks will do the job for. The shoutout won’t just make your content credible, but also drive his own followers your way. Besides, you can use your networks in the real estate industry to do guest posts on your blog. This is how you get versatile contents since the network might be able to share something that you don’t have enough knowledge. Meaning, the range of content will increase will every new contributor.

5.      Proper marketing is the key

Lastly, proper marketing is a must to make your blog a hit. You can use your networks for a boost or you can hire a team who will ensure your contents are reaching to your target audience.

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