4 Questions To Ask For Producing Content Exclusively For Your Audience
September 3, 2019

Not getting your expected conversion from the content? Want to produce exclusive content just for your audience? Well, ask these questions before you plan blogs to create audience-centric content and increase conversion.

Question 1 – How do I earn my audience’s attention?

In this day and age of bloat content marketing, the main problem is the overwhelming competition. Whatever you are providing, someone else is providing too. So, the competition is overwhelming for both marketers and customers. Customers or to-be customers are confused about what company to choose since almost everyone is offering the same thing. In this situation, producing generic content won’t help you a bit. So, your best option is to ask what will drive your audience from your competitors to your site. The answer should be the topic of your content or the base of your marketing materials. And don’t worry if you need to consult with others in your team to come up with the answer. It’s perhaps best to consult these types of decisions since the content will be on the web for years.

Question 2 – What do I need my audience to do?

The second question you need to ask is what you expect your audience to do. If you have been to a Facebook page lately, you would have seen those buttons “call us”, “visit website”, “shop”, etc. These are called the “call to action button”. Similar to how these buttons on Facebook pages, your content must have a call to action. They don’t have to be so obvious and highlighted. Your audience just needs to sense what you are asking them. For example, if you want the audience to visit your shop from the blog page, you don’t have to plug in “Visit Shop”. You can use text like this in the end – “you might want to get one right now?”, “If you look properly, you can get better deals like.” And have this text linked to your shop page. This way, your audience gets the suggestion to do this rather than being forced/asked to.

Question 3 – How do I raise the brand/company’s reputation?

This step can be a bit tricky and it might take a while for you and your team to figure out.

You need to get the answer to what or how do you raise the brand’s reputation and trust. To answer it, you need to check your existing marketing materials and find the flaws. Then compliment the flaws in future content.

Since you’ll need to asses your old content, it will take a while to get the answer but as soon as you get the desired conversion figures with the content, your efforts will be worth it.

Question 4 – What is my end goal and what is my audience’s end goal?

Lastly, ask yourself, at the end of this content, what do you expect to achieve. Also, ask yourself how do you want this content to help your audience when they are done reading it. If you can answer these questions, your aim is clear and your content will be exclusive to your target audience – meaning better conversion rate.


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