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How To Find A Real Estate Mentor
August 7, 2019

Every successful businessman, leader or investor has their mentor. Even Alexander the great had one. So, me saying mentors are a crucial part of a real estate investor’s career is not an exaggeration.

That being said, a good real estate monitor is hard to find and to be in the top of the food chain, you need a good mentor to guide you, teach you the tricks to safely invest in properties, show you how to make the best of your investment and most importantly how to create solid relationships in this industry. As you have guessed by now, this is not “anyone’s job”. You need to have someone as your mentor who is a veteran of this field and have achieved all the things you want to achieve in the future.

Here’s how to find such a mentor –

1.      Join a local meet up group and local networking events

In any locality, the real estate investors arrange meetups and networking events. These meetups are filled with veterans who have been in the game for long.

Not only you get to listen to their success stories and how they overcome the challenges in selling the properties or renting them, but you also get to meet people who you could never get an appointment with. Even if you could manage to convince them to make time from their busy schedule, you can never meet this many real estate investors at once.

Besides, these meetups and events are a great opportunity for you to build networks and with this network, you can even find the ideal guru for you.

2.      Do what you are doing best and wait for them to notice

Talents get recognized. Otherwise, the small-town Hollywood starts or the pop singers would never be in the limelight.

The real estate industry is similar to the glamorous Hollywood industry in many ways, the biggest similarity being people getting recognized for what they are and what their talents are.

Golden age real estate investors who are looking for a protégé are keeping tabs on people. Just like you are looking for a mentor, your mentor might also be looking for a protégé, who knows. So, what you need to do is – be better at what you are doing right now. If you are good enough, people will notice you eventually.

3.      Join forces with them and build a relationship

Another great way to find real estate mentors is partnering up with them.

If you have someone in mind, try getting involved with him through an asset. Show them you are interested in the same property as he is. And if you get to work with him, he might see your potential and take you under his wings.

4.      Attend their courses and seminars

Lastly, these veteran real estate investors hold courses, seminars, classes, etc. all the time. So, if you could manage to get a pass to them, you can find your mentor more easily. Just pay attention to what he has to offer and then use his offers to make a good mentor-protégé deal. Make sure both of you have something in this mentor-protégé relationship to make it work.

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