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5 Worst House Staging Mistakes People Make When They Are Showing Their Home To Buyers
August 26, 2019

Whether you are a realtor or a real estate agent or just a home owner who is trying to make a sale, it is important that you stage the house properly. If the house isn’t staged properly, people who come to check out the house won’t see the house at its best. So, here’s the 4 worst mistakes in house staging that you need to avoid for making a quick house sale –

1.   Taking the front & backyard for granted

Regardless of the reinforced stainless-steel kitchen and marvel flooring in your house, the first impression of your house wouldn’t be the talk of the buyer’s family dinner table if they enter just to see an unmanaged driveway or front yard. You cannot expect them to have a good vibe about your home if the lawn hasn’t been mowed for months. So, this ruins the first impression. Then, to ruin the last impression, your uncared-for backyard is enough. Since people checkout the backyard last, it is crucial that you groom it for them to end on a good note. And don’t worry, making the front and backyard attractive isn’t something that will cost you a fortune. Just mow the lawn and put the things like a barbeque grill, the dog house, your car in their places – that’ll be enough.

2.   Not investing in cleaning

It is a nice practice to not oversell your house and just show it as you are using it right now. But that won’t sell the house. No matter how badly you want to show the “real” environment of your house, it is mandatory that you dust off the place a bit before you invite. You might not care to clean the house properly since you are moving out but that will be a deal-breaker for most if not all potential buyers. So, invest some time, effort and money if needed to get rid of the gloomy feel.

3.   Not making the buyers feel like this house can be theirs

Every parent is proud of the trophies, awards and other achievements of their children. So, there’s nothing wrong to showcase them throughout the house. But in doing so, you might be giving a vibe of overpowered ownership of the home as if this house could never be anyone else’s. Just make sure the people who come to check out your home find it generic enough to make their own.

4.   Not getting a new coat of paint

Every parent is proud of their 4-year-old child’s painting on the wall. But these are not good selling points for house sellers. Remember, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and the kitchen cabinet could pull the negotiation far more than your old worn-out paints.

5.   Not giving them what they came for

People will come to see your house with some expectation like the number of bedrooms, dining, living room you mentioned in the advertisement. So, even if you are not using the dining space for dining, make it look like it is. This way, the buyers will be assured of the promised features of your house and you’ll gain their trust.

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