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5 Effective Tips To Be Visible Among Your Real Estate Competitors
August 9, 2019

In real estate, there is no time for apprehensions. While you are confused about whether you should buy or not, your competitors are sending their offers to the seller. And by the time you realize it was your dream property, the seller is flooded with offers and you are just “Another Guy” with a proposal. You can see why it is so tough to be highlighted among the horde of real estate investors and agents.

Besides, it is not just about the time you want to buy a property.

Whether you try to engage with clients or satisfy your customers, you will always get sidelined by your competitors. But what if I tell you there are some ways you can be visible among your competitors.

1.   Make your approach as efficient as possible

Whatever your approach is, it must be efficient for you and the other party. Whether you are trying to get a deal signed off or trying to make a sale, you need to make your approach efficient to save yours and your customers’ time. You can do this by implementing technology in your workflow. Use CRM software, lead collector software, schedule maintaining platforms, etc. to make your workflow and your approaches efficient.

2.   Personalize your approach & be yourself

Along with making your approach efficient, you need to make them personalized too. By personalization, I mean, be more interactive.

Your customers would like your one-on-one interaction. Besides, you can also use social media to make your strategies more approachable on a personal level.

3.   Innovate, renovate, upgrade & adapt

Change is good. And to thrive in the Real Estate industry, you need to embrace those changes as well as try to innovate for the sector to stay ahead of everyone.

Even if you aren’t quite there yet to contribute to the industry, you can always upgrade your existing workflow and strategies with new innovations.

Besides, whenever you get the chance, try to reinvent your properties. If done right, they will increase the value of your asset and help you in making quick sales.

4.   Get to know the real estate industry

The best way to know how to succeed in an industry is to know the industry itself. You would be surprised to know how many of the real estate guys are just in the sector because of the huge capital they inherited. They don’t know anything about the sector but have loads of cash to invest. To be ahead and separated from this group of real estate investors, you need to know the ins and out of the real estate industry.

Go and attend seminars, join webinars, talk to others. This is how you learn about the industry without having to read a lot of reports and boring books.

5.   Make yourself available to others

Lastly, make yourself available for others. Give them your time and show how sincere you are about the deals. This way, you will make a good impression on your clients and be visible among the horde of your competitors.


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