Where To Draw Inspiration For Online Marketing?
July 7, 2019

Online marketing is something that empowers your business than any other form of marketing. But often online marketers lack inspiration and material for the publicity. So, I thought I could suggest some resources where you can take inspiration for marketing and promotional campaigns.

1.      Relevancy to hit movies

Avengers Endgame – the biggest movie in recent history.

This is the type of movie hype that you can use for your own business.
Before you worry about using their material could result in a potential lawsuit, let me tell you that there are a million ways to fairly use the marketing materials.

Most small-time businesses use the marketing material after slightly modifying the material under the fair usage policy. This modification can be to the posters for the product placements or some dialogues to address your business.

Also, apart from using the material for free, you can just partner up with the franchise to promote even openly as Audi or CocaCola did with Avengers Endgame.

2.      Positive memes

A meme can be used for both marketing purposes and spreading hate. I am only talking about the positive uses of meme here rather than the adverse effect it has on society.

I’ve seen some good examples on my Facebook newsfeed myself.

A local shaving kit company did a really good bit with a very popular palm face meme that caught my eyes.

So, you get your witty brain out and make a meme. Who knows, this meme could be the next viral marketing stunt.

3.      Recent major incidents

Addressing the major incidents in recent history can help you boost your marketing campaign even faster. But this major event must be something positive or a national achievement that has an open acceptance amongst the masses.

Remember, addressing tragedies to promote your business can lead to bad publicity. So, don’t make such a mistake. Always, celebrate the positive news and promote with the positivity.

4.      Comic book references

The comic book community is very sensitive and focused on what’s happening in comics right now. That’s why they are a good audience for promotional campaigns.

You can promote the business while referencing the superheroes or the comic issue itself. Also, you can create a fun little sketch with the superhero addressing and endorsing your product in a way that it feels like sarcasm and not a serious use of the intellectual property. These are the tips to avoid copyright infringement issues with the companies.

Sometimes, even name dropping the superheroes can help with the marketing because the comic book fans are so obsessive that they tend to share and talk about everything that has their favorite superhero’s face or name on it.

5.      References to viral speeches

Lastly, viral speeches and tweets are a great way to make a witty marketing slogan for your business. But this could turn out very differently if the marketing seems like a direct hit to the person who said those things. You must be careful about it. Make sure the slogan or lines you are using doesn’t attack the speaker. Make the tone light, fun or witty and you’ll be fine.


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