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3 Things That You Can Take From Nature & Implement Into Web Design
June 24, 2019

Nature is mysterious in many ways. It affects us in various aspects of our life and some of them are subconscious – which we don’t realize unless we pay close attention to it.

Here are three things that you can borrow from nature and affect your visitors subconsciously with your website design.


Symmetry is something that affects us subconsciously, the most without us or the subject knowing how it is affecting us. This symmetry and its effects are so broad that we basically judge a person on the basis of it. Studies have found that a person is more likely to attract another person if he or she has a symmetric face. This explains how important symmetry is in our life and just like that, it can be utilized in web design to create an engaging user experience.

When the contents and the layouts of the website are symmetric, people will be more comfortable and concentrate on the content rather than finding what is actually bothering him/her on the web page.

This is a trick that newspapes and online newspaper websites implement. Usually, their sites are filled with ads and they try their best to ensure everything is symmetric so that the visitors can forget the fact that there are literally a dozen ads on the entire page.

If the site you are designing is something that you would like to keep their visitors’ attention to the content (like blog sites, news sites, etc.) then you must implement symmetric designs and elements to the website.


We see patterns in everything. Leaves, snail shells, clouds, waves – almost everything. That’s why we don’t easily get distracted by them and rather appreciate them because these patterns are associated with things that soothe us. So, it is not a bad idea to fill the empty places on the web page with patterns we see in nature every day.

These patterns can be stripes or plants or even waves – as long as the patterns aren’t too distracting, there’s no harm using it because these patterns will only make the other elements on the webpage beautiful.

Golden Ratio

The golden ratio 1.618… is a magic number that pops out everywhere. In trees, in the human body, in a birds’ feather, in antilope’s horns – literally everywhere. In fact, they are also found in man-made wonders like the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids and a bunch of others infrastructures. Due to its mysterious existence, some call it a sign of God.

We can’t say for sure if this is a sign from God or not but we can definitely say that the ratio works – subconsciously. There is something about the ratio that we like. Maybe because we are used to this proportion or it is literally a sign by God, whatever it is, we humans seem to be liking this ratio and that’s why modern creators, especially graphic designers use this ratio in their creation. Same can be done in web design. If the different portions of the web page are kept at this ratio, there is a high chance people will feel comfortable to the proportion naturally since we have been around this for so long.

Bottom Line

Now that you know three of the biggest secrets of subconscious influence from nature, you can figure out the ways to use these elements in the design and create a more interactive, interesting, engaging user experience across the website.


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