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10 Most Common Web Design Trends To Adopt In 2019
June 20, 2019

Web design trends are very tiring to keep up with. So, I made a list of the most popular common web design trends that you can adopt in the year 2019.

1.   3D Illustrations

Illustrations or 2D Illustrations were very popular over the years. But lately the 3D illustrations are taking the spot and the reasons are very obvious.

2.   Bold branding

Branding is important. Whether it is for marketing purposes or to put on content pages, branding accomplishes a lot.

By putting the bold brand logos on the web pages, you are not only representing your dominance. You are also engraving the brand logo on your audience’s mind.

3.   Text over image

A small text over the related image type of design is getting very popular these days.

They are most common for online businesses. For example, if you are offering HVAC systems and services related to the Air Conditioning Units then you can put the images of the HVAC with the title and roll them throughout the site. Also, if you can do the same with HVAC services. You can put an image of a mechanic fixing an HVAC system and use it to indicate HVAC services are provided by your company with a little text related to it.  

4.   Listicles

Listicles are another great way to showcase what you offer on your website. You can put a listicle showing the products or product categories that you offer with their features.

5.   Bold typography

Bold typography is not new. This has been around for a long time. And as days are passing, this is becoming more and more popular.

6.   Grids

Grids are comparatively new and personally, I don’t like it. Not because it is bad but because more often than not, people often misuse them.

7.   Icons

Icons instead of text have gained more popularity over the years. Simple icon lists for the menu, a letter icon for “contact us” pages, etc. are much more affecting for customer engagement than anything else.

8.   Indicators

These are very similar to icons because similar to icons, they are used to replace text. Instead of telling your audience to go somewhere with visual cues is much simpler and effective than texts.  

9.   Light Animations

Light motion and simple animations are one of the few things that experts dwelled – whether or not it can be used or not. But after a few successful attempts, even the light motion doesn’t feel like a threat to the overall site speed.

10. Color Contrast or spotlight

Last but not the least, you have the color contrast setup to mislead the audience. Also, the spot light effect can help you keep your audiences’ attention to where you want them to take attention.

Bottom line

Here are the best web design trends that are popular in 2019.  But that doesn’t mean site designs of 2018 or even of the previous year have lost their importance. No, they haven’t. But they are definitely not on par as ones being popularized in 2019.

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