4 Must-Have Skills for Content Marketers
May 15, 2019

Content writing has been the most popular medium of advertisement for centuries. Since the early 1500s, content writing has been one the most efficient and reasonable way to ensure your message reaches your audience.

Besides the shift from posters to newspapers to websites, nothing has changed since then. Content writing is still one of the most effective ways of conveying marketing messages. But the competition is not the same.

It has become much harder to reach an audience without solid writing. People just won’t read if there isn’t anything substantial in your content. And to make the content more credible, interesting and appealing, one cannot but inherent some skills that will help him convey his message in a small, compact, subtle, yet engaging and substantial piece.

Ability of storytelling

There is a common myth among content writers that storytelling is only appropriate for comedy skits. In reality, the truth cannot be any further.

Regardless of what the content type is, the ability to write as a storyteller increases the engagement rate of the audience than anything else. No matter how boring the topic is – storytelling always finds its way into the reader’s head. So, if you want your contents to be more attracting and influencing, you should start adapting to the storytelling writing style.  

Ability to analyze data

If you want to make even the most boring topic into an interesting piece, storytelling is the way to go. And if you want even the insignificant or boring topic to get more credibility, data analysis is the skill you must have.

Data analysis skill will allow you to come to an assumption or conclusion on any topic or situation based on the data you have. And using this data as a reference and your customized opinion or conclusion, the content you produce will become much more credible than you’d hope.

Ability to adapt

Versatility in art is a major factor and content writing is no less than art. That’s why being versatile with the words, sentence structure, tone, style, and format gives the writer a number of perks.

This allows the content creator to understand and adapt to newer trends and topics, allowing him to produce viral content.

Viral content are very helpful in marketing especially if you are promoting a business with it. That’s why versatility among writers is so overrated. You never know when you might need to shift from the gritty fact-based content writer to comedy skit writer for product endorsement.

Keeping an open mind

Not everyone starts with a best seller. Content creators need to write a number of pieces before they can finally produce a hit piece that redeems the author for the previous content they produced. Being opened minded includes adapting to suggestions from readers. Once you can ensure you have an open mind for constructive criticism, there is no way you are making the same mistakes that you made in your previous content.


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