The Ins & Outs of Franchising – Regulations & Benefits
April 27, 2019

Franchising is not at top of any entrepreneur’s future bucket list. However, it is still a viable way to be a business owner with the lowest risks and the highest support. Whether you decide to walk that path or not, here are some things that you must know to make a sound decision.

Regulations for Franchise

Franchise regulations were brought into action so that both parties; the franchiser,and the franchisee are protected for their own good.

FTC helps both parties to oversee and enforce franchise laws if needed to ensure the entrepreneur’s full disclosure on the agreement of the state they are participating in. To ensure complete transparency, in the early phase of purchasing, franchisers should provide an FDD or franchise disclosure document to the interested franchisee. This document is also known as an offering circular. The primary job of this document is to clearly outline the fees, bankruptcy, investments, and litigation history of the franchiser corporation. There are other registration and relationship regulations that are subjected to specific states.

Benefits of Franchising

There are a number of benefits involved with franchising.

Here are the most notable ones.

1.      Drawing off the expertise & experience

One of the major advantages of franchising is directly drawing off the expertise and experience of the entire corporation. By joining a renowned, trusted and an accomplished brand, there is no reason you should not be able to bypass many of the hardships involved in building an entire company from just an idea.To be honest, franchising diminishes the guesswork almost entirely from the early business development process.By franchising, you will have an established system that is specifically designed to give your franchise a huge head start, which many of your competitors will only envy.

2.      Starting business with people’s trust

As mentioned earlier, when franchising is done, you will have the advantages of the whole company. They probably worked years and decades to be in today’s position but you are getting their expertise, experience, and most importantly, people’s trust right away.

In short,the franchisees benefit from all the power, trust and resources of the established brand. And honestly, it is hard to overstate the benefits of starting a business at a state where you have people who you know and trust the brand from the first day.

3.      Business model with proven record success

When franchising, you also have the business model of the organization. However, the best thing is you don’t have to test these models because you have access to a profitable model already; you just need to duplicate it.

4.      Easier access to resources & loans

When a big brand name company and its reputation combine with you, financial challenges like getting resources, investors or bank loans become much easier.

5.      Lower risks for banking Institutions

Also, franchising comes with low risks for a banking institution which is a huge plus.

6.      Perks of a particular brand

And lastly, you get all of the perks of the brand, for example, the training, the discounts, etc.

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