Social Media Strategies For A Massive Conversion Surge
April 20, 2019

Hipsters, celebrities and Instagram models aren’t the only ones who benefit from social media platforms. Businesses are also growing on these platforms and getting traffic.

More traffic means more exposure and more exposure means more conversion. So, if you were missing out on the blessings of social media, it’s time you get on board and start reaping the fruits.

Here are 4 social media strategies that could help you boost your conversion.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are not only for Instagram celebrities or Facebook junkies. If used properly, you can get a lot of exposure with hashtags.

In fact, hashtags are the best way to do research on social media, period. You can get everything related to the tag in one place, where you can lookup how your competitors are doing with their marketing. If you don’t believe me, check for yourself. You’ll see plenty of successful businesses doing their marketing on social media using hashtags.

Besides, people will not use a tagline if you ask them. But they will use a hashtag as they are already used to putting hash tags in their social media posts, like the times you use #Nike when you put on a new pair of Nike sneakers and post a photo on Instagram.

Use Call-to-action buttons

For business pages, social media platforms like Facebook, the user is able to use a call-to-action button.

Using these buttons, people can easily contact you, visit your website or store and even place an order. If your page or account reaches a good amount of people, by using the call-to-action button, you will have more chances to convert them from visitors to customers.

Make your readers want to share your content

Big corporations, as well as blooming new companies, do this very often where they ask fans and followers to spread the word for them. People do that with persuasion too because more often than not, the companies offer a discount to them.

I came across a Facebook post recently where a food chain had posted about a special campaign. Throughout the campaign, each person who shared their advertised dishes on Facebook and takes a screenshot of the share gets 15% off.

Surprisingly, that advertised post was shared 30,000 times where the other posts from their page were shared hardly 2,000 to 5,000 times. This shows how quickly people can spread the word for you in social media. The only thing you need to do is come up with a good deal so that people would want to share your content.

Use influencers to boost your business

Influencers from your same industry can benefit you in more ways than you could imagine.

YouTubers know this very well because a single shout out from PewDiePie has generated 200k subscribers to a once small channel. You can use this technique in social media too. So what you need to do is casually namedrop the big players of the space into your content – in a way that they are flattered. Remember, a few kind words from them and your business will change forever.

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