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April 13, 2019

Effective and useful blogs are hard to come by when scouring the web for information, great people to follow or tips to make everyday life just a bit better. There are millions of blogs out there but people tend to follow a couple of them quite selectively. Sure, the numbers range between a couple of thousand blogs, but standing out among the millions out there means that the blogs have something special going on for them. Today, we’ll be looking at how those blogs have put in the work to make themselves more appealing to the broad audience and how the rest of us can take some crucial lessons from them to help ourselves stand out.

Aesthetics – smart design and format

Aesthetics are by far one of the most important aspects of your blog. Absolutely nobody likes to visit an ugly site, but going over the top with designs isn’t really a viable option either. The best bloggers out there have built their blogs around a middle sweet spot and appealing aesthetic which helps keep their audience coming back for me. Therefore, being able to master the way colors work together without being a visual strain on the reader along with other graphical and design aspects will help push your blog far up the ranks and shine with the rest of the great blogs.

Content – engaging and entertaining

The internet is a massive collection of a ton of information, and in order to reach the masses and make them read your blogs, you will have to fill it to the brim with exciting and engaging content. This means that you should really increase your presentation techniques and develop an aptitude for delivering factual information, in a fun and entertaining way. Moreover, this should be done while maintaining a certain structure your readers will be familiar with. Therefore, to join the ranks of the top bloggers, you will need to up your ante on the content and execute it well.

Reader participation

You might want to consider reader engagement if you want your readers to become completely addicted to your blogs and keep coming back for more. This can be achieved in more ways than one. For starters, you can keep a well-answered comment section to directly communicate with and engage with your readers. Another way of doing this would be letting your readers exchange useful information with each other in a well-structured forum section that helps them get the information and services they need without having to jump through a bunch of hoops.

Building your blog on a daily basis Whenever you decide to take up your next blog, you should consider going through some steps before you set out on the task of spilling your guts to the world. First off, after choosing a topic you are interested in, conduct thorough research and fact check any and all information. Next, create a headline to capture the reader’s attention. From there you get to the actual writing, start off with a first draft and build from there. Finally, use great design and images to enhance your message, edit it properly to satiate the perfectionist within you and broadcast it to the world to read.

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