Perfecting Your SEO & Layout Before Going Live
March 15, 2019

There’s nothing more exciting than finally making your newly designed site live for your audience.

I understand the excitement.

You have spent hours, days, weeks or even months in designing the site and producing the content. Now all you can think about is publishing your site.

However, this rush can be the reason for your web-presence disaster.

So, before you end up with a bad “first impression”, you need to make sure everything is on point. And the things you need to focus on the most are 1) the layout and 2) the SEO.

Here are some tips on perfecting the SEO and Layout of your site before you make it live.

The faster, the better

When was the last time you waited 5-10 second on a page while it was loading?

Even though I know the answer, I ask this question very often.

This question is just to remind you how important the site speed is for a good user experience. If you haven’t waited this long for a page to load then why should your audience?

Another example of how the site speed can affect your performance: Google reported that the number of searches will come down bya half percent, just by slowing the search results by 400 milliseconds. This shows how important it is for the site owners and search engine to keep loading time to a minimum.

More content, lesser ads

Ad revenue is one of the major ways for site owners to make their profit. However, these ads should not exceed your content.

I mean, don’t get too greedy and rent all the space on your webpages to advertisers.

Keep the ads to a minimum and be super careful with where you place the ads.

Don’t make your pages overcrowded with backlinks

SEO is a crucial part of any website.

If done right, SEO can boost traffic exponentially. However, immature SEO optimized sites are the worst thing that can happen.

One of the best waysto optimize your site is using backlinks smartly. However, it can backfire too.

Don’t make your site overcrowded with backlinks. According to Google, the number of backlinks should be under 100 and the reason is Google will only index up to 100 kilobytes of each page.

Ease of Navigation

User experience is important.

Previously, I talked about how important it is to keep the loading time to a minimum. Now, let me shed some light on the navigation and how to make it simple and sleek.

The very first thing that people do wrong is trying to put everything on the menu bar.

Say you have “Our Specialty” page, “Our History” page, “Our Team” page, etc. to showcase your company.  Now, if you try to put all the option on the menu bar, only one-third or half of the menu bar space will be left for more important things like “Products”, “Services”, “Login”, “Sign Up”, “Blog” etc.

So instead of putting everything on the menu bar, try putting them under one category as a drop-down bar. You can put “Our History”, “Our Specialty”, “Our Team”, “Why Choose Us” – these pages under one category “About Us”. And when someone hovers or clicks over the “About Us”, they will see all the content in the drop-down menu. This is just one simple way to tweak the layout of your site to make it easily accessible. There are hundreds of other ways to make your site more appealing to your audience, both by tweaking design content and the layout.

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