Month: February 2019

Real Estate Syndication Benefits

Real estate syndications are simply compromised or contractual partnerships that are set up to purchase the shares of a real estate asset. The partnership can be from a collaboration of a few people to a massive board of hundreds. Depending

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3 Amazing Content Marketing Tips

Content is king. This hundred-year-old statement will live longer than you and me, for good reasons of course. In this day and age of VR and 3D games, written words are still the best way to smoothly present information to

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Legal & Organizational Structures for Real Estate Syndication

Real estate syndications are more popular than ever. New syndications are forming every day. That being said, forming a new one comes with some challenges. One of these such challenges is choosing a legal and organizational structure. Here’s a quick

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How To Add Value To Your Business; 5 Simple Ways

Want to add value to your business? But don’t know how? Here are 5 simple ways you can do that. 1.Quality adds the most value Short and simple. The more quality you offer to the customers, the more value you

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Stocks vs. Real Estate, Which One Should You Go With?

Before making a decision on whether to invest in real estate or stocks, you must know how they have performed over the last 100-150 years. Once you know how they have done in certain circumstances over the years, you can

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