5 Ways To Add Style To Your Web Design

Do you own a pet grooming website?

Do you sell kids toy?

Do you sell nutritious food for pets sent to the owner’s doorstep?

Do you have a kid’s dress and accessories website?

 If “yes”, then hear me out.

What do you think all these businesses have common? They are for adorable kids or cute little puppies and kittens.

If you have something that involves kids or pets or you just want to make your site more adorable, the following things can help you.

1. Cute Images

This shouldn’t be on the list for many reasons, mainly because it’s obvious. You can’t make a site look adorable without using cute images related to your niche.

Say you have a site where you sell clothes and related products for kids. Now what image comes to your mind when you think of your product and your niche?

Isn’t cute baby images an obvious choice?

If you don’t have your own kids yet, or niece or nephew, don’t worry. There are lots of stock photo sites where you can get the images for free. But don’t limit the content to pictures only. Illustrations, vector arts, etc. counts too.

2. Picking The Right Color

Let me give you a scene.

Say you have two bedrooms. One is colored with the dark ash and deep red. Another room is colored with baby pink or a softer shade of orange.Now, which one will you choose for your kids?

Most likely the pink/orange room because these are baby colors. Same goes for your websites.

When you use the softer and lighter baby colors, your site automatically feels like a kid-friendly place and parents will also feel comfortable shopping from your site.

3. Don’t Use Bold Fonts

Remember the bold, heavy fonts used in men’s fitness training or equipment sites?

Don’t use those fonts. Those bold fonts give the visitors a masculine vibe which is not preferred for baby or pets related sites.

That’s why I always encourage these kid’s products or pet product businesses to use subtle fonts on the content.

Use the big and slim fonts that have curves and a few straight bends.

4. Don’t overwhelm your visitors with unnecessary information

This is true for all types of sites.

Keep things simple. Don’t put too much information since your visitors won’t appreciate it.

Keep the unnecessary information out of the product page. If you have any specific information that you want to let them know, put it in a box and place it on the side. Otherwise, your visitors will mix it up with the actual product details and any promotional announcements or offers.

5. Format the text or content

Also, formatting is a big part in keeping the audience engaged.

The basic rule for formatting the content on a site is basing them according to the priority.

The name of products is the most important part of the page. So, make sure it gets special attention. Make the fonts big and use a different color for a better contrast. Then the specifications or details will come to play. Use special characters if needed, maybe even use a bullet point. Like this, format everything from the name to the shipping details on your site. This way, your visitors will find it easier to get a hold of any information they want.

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