Things The Dark Knight Can Teach You About Agile Marketing

I know this is the last title you’d expect to see on this topic but I wouldn’t have used it if it didn’t make any sense.

Like the Dark Knight’s gruesome adventures and victories, the struggle and efforts of marketers are often unnoticed. Apart from that, there is a lot for marketers to learn from the Dark Knight’s style of work.

Specialized, not all-in-one

Not even the great Dark Knight can claim to be an all-in-one superhero.

He is specialized in hand-to-hand combat, using the gadgets in the utility belt, and being the best detective in the world. But he lacks in many qualities of being an all-in-one superhero.

For example, he’s not like the big blue boy scout Superman or a heavy hitter like him. But that doesn’t mean he’s less than Superman in anyway. He even has a bigger fanbase compared to Superman which proves it is okay to be specialized at something instead of everything.

This analogy works perfectly in agile marketing as most of the marketing agencies have become individual department-specialized agencies.

Nowadays, some are best at video production, some got their ways into inbound marketing, some have their own unique way to get things done. 

Its high time agencies stopped trying to be a “full service or all-in-one agency” and accepted that they are specialized at a particular part of advertising like how the Dark Knight has made his name as the greatest detective among all superheroes and men in general.

Technology is inseparable

Who doesn’t know about Batman’s famous Utility Belt? Even though Batman is the greatest detective in his universe, he certainly uses every tech he has at his disposal. From the grappling gun to explosive Batarangs, everything is there when he needs it. The fancy yet exclusive belt is a store house of all kinds of tech to help him at his missions.

Marketers have to embrace tech as the Dark Knight does. Even though marketers are best at what they do, these days, traditional ads won’t suffice. People are getting more into chatbots, augmented tech and other fancy stuff and the big companies are taking full advantages of them. If you think you can do well without adapting to these new age technologies, you are wrong.

Knowing the strength

Not all the marketers are the same. Each of them has their own special skill sets and only by realizing their own true potential, they can contribute to their agency, much like the Dark Knight.

Batman knows he doesn’t pack the strongest punch to defeat his foes. That’s why he doesn’t rely on the punches like other heavy hitters in the DC Universe. Instead, he uses his ability to plan and use his detective skills to stay one step ahead of his challenges. Similarly, when marketers understand their potential, understand their marketing agencies weakness, strength, and the opportunities for it to grow, they can make better decisions and act wisely to a situation. Also, it will be easier for them to implement technologies into the marketing campaigns if they know what they do best.

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